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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

KD UK Tech Too Toys: A Review

What is it with babies and gadgets? They all seem to love playing with them, and Evie is no different! In the past we've bought her (and Daisy, when she was little) toy mobile phones, toy car keys, pretend laptops - but nothing seems to beat the real thing and, despite the bright colours and fun noises of the toys, both girls would much rather play with the boring black TV remote control!

That's fair enough, you may think, but hands up who's lost their mobile phone or keys and then discovered them two days later in the bottom of the toy box? *puts hand in air and waves manically* 

KD UK, an award winning producer of electronic learning aids, have now released their own brand into the toy sector which may well save our gadgets!

Tech Too has been launched to help satisfy the inquisitive nature of our little people when it comes to technology - and to save the real thing from being lost or dropped or covered in sticky fingerprints! There are four items in the range (Kooky Keys - £7.99, My First Remote Control - £8.99, Smooth Touch Smartphone - £9.99 and Alphabet Tablet - £14.99) and we were sent the keys and remote control to review.

First up, lets play spot the remote control!

I'm fairly certain you will all have guessed that Evie LOVES this toy! Why? Because it looks like the real thing of course! (Yes, that's it in the middle). I honestly think it's brilliant - aside from being super realistic (and therefore heaps of fun to play with!) this remote control teaches the numbers 0-9, colours and shapes and speaks French as well as English! (You can switch between the two languages via a dial at the top of the control).

The keys are also a big hit in this household. Again they are very realistic (particularly compared to other brands of toy keys that we've seen and bought in the past) and also have colours, lights and sound to engage and interest little ones. 

Ours have been attached to the buggy since we got them and have even been popular with Daisy, who is four!

All of the Tech Too toys are suitable from ages 12-36m and are available from The Early Learning Centre, John Lewis, Toys R Us and most supermarkets.

We were given the Kooky Keys and My First Remote Control in exchange for this honest review.


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