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Monday, 10 February 2014

Our hungryhouse Chinese New Year Party

This year we were asked to take part in a Chinese New Year challenge by hungryhouse, the UK's most popular online platform for ordering takeaways.

hungryhouse have partnered with over 10,000 of the UK's finest restaurants to make ordering takeaways extra easy. There's no need to hoard and hunt around for tatty paper menus anymore as all registered restaurants have their full menus available online - and there is also a brilliant iPhone app which makes choosing, and ordering, your meal even quicker!

The challenge involved hosting a Chinese New Year party with a £25 Hungry House voucher, a £25 Amazon voucher and a selection of New Year decorations.

Being a wee bit partial to a Chinese takeaway (shhhhh, don't tell the juicing police!), I decided to order a takeaway for my sister and I. We cooked up some slightly healthier home made noodles for the kids, read them a book all about the Chinese New Year and let them all stay up late to watch some Chinese inspired DVDs, which I bought with my Amazon voucher.

In the meantime, my sister and I opened a bottle of vino and thought about what we fancied eating!

I downloaded the hungryhouse app for my iPhone and placed my order that way, rather than using my laptop. I would definitely recommend doing this if you can; flicking through the menus and choosing your items is super easy this way, and then there's no waiting for people to answer your call and no chance of you being annoyingly indecisive about your order whilst on the telephone! (I'm terrible for chopping and changing my mind last minute!). If you've got the app and have opened an account then that means you can also order from the houses of friends and family in the future.

A search engine enabled me to find participating local takeaways and some fantastic and very helpful reviews helped us made an informed choice of restaurant.

We received email updates from hungryhouse every step of the way (once we had ordered, with confirmation that the restaurant had received our order and then with an estimated time of delivery) and our utterly delicious food arrived in half an hour so China Express got a big thumbs up from up.

If you regularly eat takeaways (in fact even if, like me, you only do occasionally) then I would definitely recommend using hungryhouse - I certainly will do again.

Our celebrations ended with the giving out of Chinese New Year good luck coins in lucky red envelopes and the obligatory fortune cookie! Apparently 'Romance is going to move me in a new direction' this year. Ooo er! xoxo

hungryhouse provided me with vouchers in order to write this honest review. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Mmm looked yummy! Sadly the tiny town I live in doesn't have any take aways on hungry house or justeat. Pretty lame!

  2. Looks yum. And easy! Love a night in with good food and a DVD! :-) x


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