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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pampers Innovation: A Trip to the Pampers Factory in Manchester

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited on a secret squirrel tour of the Pampers Factory in Manchester. With new products due out later this year, we were there to hear all about the latest innovations in nappy development and to see them being made in the factory too, which very few people get the opportunity to do!

I'm a very loyal Pampers Mum. I tried other brands in the early days of new motherhood but didn't get on with any of them and found Pampers to be pretty darn perfect. In fact I've NEVER had a nappy explosion with Pampers EVER, which is rather impressive I think! With both Daisy and Evie, we've used Pampers New Baby and then Pampers Active Fit and I've always got a pack of Pampers sensitive wipes to hand wherever I go.

This is how bloggers do breakfast!

My day started before 5am (yes, really!) and began with a train journey and then a coach ride to Heathrow Airport, where I met up with Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby and Alice aka An Essex Wife. We made the last part of our journey (via Little Red Plane) together which was a real pleasure - and the first time we've been together completely child free too! (Bloody mary's for breakfast may have contributed to the happy factor!).

On arrival at the Factory there turned out to be a fairly hefty group of us! Bloggers, press, scientists, doctors and PR pro's all spent the day together, learning about the history of the factory site, the evolution of the disposable nappy and watching the super efficient and speedy nappy making process in awe.

We had a brilliant talk (and fun demonstration!) from Dr Frank Wiesemann, who took a nappy apart and showed us all its components and exactly what each one does. The demonstrations involved chocolate spread and hair conditioner so, as you can imagine, there were lots of giggles!

Me with Dr Ellie Cannon

We then heard from Pampers Ambassador, Dr Ellie Cannon, who talked about Pampers' Love, Sleep & Play campaign (and let us all have a sneaky photo opportunity too!).

Looking hot in high vis jackets and steel toe capped boots!

After an amazing buffet lunch we split into groups for the tour and I can honestly say it was the best part of the visit for me. The factory is positively space age - completely immaculate and full of high tech equipment - and watching the machines do their thing was mesmerising!

Some Fun Pampers Facts
Each nappy is made up of 20 raw materials
It takes just 4 seconds to make a nappy 
5 million nappies are produced daily at the Manchester factory
Despite this huge number there are just 292 employees at the factory
The average length of service at the factory is 17.4 years!

A wee night cap on the way home

The day was utterly brilliant; genuinely interesting, lots of fun, and full of lovely people and amazing food (and drink, ahem. There may have been a G&T or three consumed on the way home!). I can't wait to try out the new Pampers range when its released and will be sure to tell you all about it.xo


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  1. Pampers are by far the best nappy brand, I'm not even going to risk using any others! x


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