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Monday, 3 February 2014

The Heart of our Country Home

When we made our move from London to the sticks, there were a couple of things on my shopping list that I desperately wanted for our new home. 

Firstly I had my heart set on getting a huge range for our eat in kitchen; one that I could use to cook massive family dinners on and that the girls and I could bake cakes and biscuits in to our hearts content. 

Secondly I wanted a wood burning stove in our sitting room in our sitting room to keep us roasty toasty on those cold winter nights. There's something magical about sitting round a real fire when it's freezing cold outside; I get totally mesmerised by the flickering flames and the smell is one of my favourites too.

The range we saw as a necessity and bought straight away - a super modern, stainless steel beauty that is a huge (but wonderful!) contrast to our very traditional country kitchen. The wood burner, however, we agreed to hold out on until our finances allowed us, and that time is finally here! 

When we got married last September, lots of our lovely friends and family gave us money rather than wedding gifts which we decided to use to buy our long awaited and much wanted traditional log burner. It arrived just before Christmas and, as it hadn't been professionally installed, we filled it with candles for the festive season. It looked just beautiful and became the heart of our country home there and then, despite not actually functioning! Now we're ready to have it professionally plumbed in - and I can't wait!

What room is the heart of your house? xo

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  1. Your living room looks lovely! Makes me feel all cosy :) x At the moment we are mid way through renovation plans, but once completed the kitchen will be very much the hub of the home I reckon :P xx

  2. It looks so cosy. I would love a wood burning stove. That and a range are top of our list when we buy a new house and move out of our brand new house into something for cosy, but it's going to be a couple of years before we do that.

  3. It looks gorgeous, and that's such a cosy, lovely looking living room you have there. Enjoy it!


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