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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Two Recipe Books to Help You Eat Your Five a Day

I eat a pretty good, varied diet. I'm lucky really because I love eating fruit and vegetables, and I also juice them on a daily basis so there's no chance of me not getting my five a day.

I know juicing isn't for everyone and I know that there are lots of people that do struggle to eat their greens and an apple a day etc etc. Some people simply don't like them and others don't know what to do with them. I'm forever trying to encourage my non-veggie-eating friends to blitz various vegetable combinations into soups and sauces or to swap the minced beef in their chilli for mixed beans. 

But fruit and veg aren't just important for health, THEY TASTE AMAZING! And, in my opinion, the sooner people realise that, the better!

Parragon recently sent me two books as part of their Book Buddies scheme and they are brilliant if you need a bit of encouragement with your five a day. 'Back to your Roots! Delicious Root Vegetable Recipes' and 'Baking with Fruit' are the two latest recipe books to take their place on my ever expanding cookery book shelf.

'Back to your Roots!' is my favourite of the two. Perfect for this time of year when the air is still distinctly chilly, it's jam packed full of hearty, warming comfort food ideas, plus it also has a handy guide to root veg at the beginning, explaining what each one looks and tastes like.

It contains quick and easy recipes to cook at home as well as slightly flashier recipes that are perfect for entertaining. The images are utterly inspiring which makes flicking through the pages a real joy.

'Baking with Fruit' contains 43 mouth watering recipes based around fresh and seasonal fruit. Yes they contain sugar and butter so are by no means virtuous but a cake with fruit must be better than one without, wouldn't you agree?

Both books are published by Parragon and retail at £6.00 and £8.00 respectively and they would make a fabulous addition to any kitchen. xo

I was sent copies of both books in exchange for this honest review.

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