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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Clarks Kids Exclusive Launch

Yesterday the girls and I were invited to the Clarks store at Westfield, White City to see their brand spanking new and super high tech foot measuring equipment for kids.

Yes, little old Clarks, who we have known and loved for years and years and years, have well and truly stepped into the twenty first century with their brand new iPad food gauge.

We got to experience their new, unique shoe fitting service first hand, and the girls also got to pick out some shiny new shoes.

The iPad (which measures feet of a size seven and above) uses a footplate to measure foot length and a special digi-tape to measure the width and is BRILLIANT for engaging children. They get to pick an animated character (either Jack Nano or Daisy - no guesses who D chose!) who then talks them through the whole process. Daisy was over the moon when she discovered her feet had grown a whole size since Christmas and she set about searching for the pinkest shoes she could find while Evie had a turn at getting her feet measured.

Clarks have always been all about great fitting shoes and their aim is to continually improve both the accuracy of their measuring and fitting service and the whole shopping experience. That's why the iPad Foot Gauge is utterly brilliant and a fabulous first for the shoe industry.

We headed off home with a pair of Trixi Dazzle in lipstick pink leather for Daisy (top - £32) and a pair of Litzy Lou in hot pink leather for Evie (bottom - £30).

Thanks a mill to Clarks for a fabulous shopping experience (the macaroons were amazing!) and for the girls lovely new shoes.xoxo

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