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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In The Night Garden Live

The girls and I adore going to the theatre - even Evie loves it at just eighteen months old.

Back in December we were lucky enough to get front row seats to the stage production of Raymond Briggs's Father Christmas and both girls were utterly mesmerised for the entire performance.

We have been on on quite a few theatre (and cinema!) trips together since, but the shows we've been to see have always been aimed at Daisy's age group. Now the time has come for Evie to go and see a show especially for her.... In The Night Garden is back at the O2!

I took Daisy to see it when she was the same age as Evie is now (you can read my original - very honest - review here). She adored it so much that we actually went back the following year too!

It really is a magical theatre experience for babies and young children; the music, the puppets, the projections, the full size characters and the puppets all make for a truly sensational show. 

The fact it takes place in a purpose built showdome within the O2, with plenty of loos, baby changing facilities and space to park your buggy, really does make it the perfect day out. 

There are two shows to choose from, and each one lasts just under an hour. Will you catch the Ninky Nonk or the Pinky Ponk? xoxo

In The Night Garden Live is showing at the O2 from 29 May - 14 June. Ticket prices start at £17.50.


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  1. sounds like the sort of thing that could be really cute or really creepy


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