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Sunday, 22 June 2014

My #BritMumsLive 2014 Round Up

So. I'm back from my second BritMums Live conference.... and what a weekend it was! There's so much to see, so much to learn, so many people you want to meet up with and so much gin to drink (ahem) that I hardly know where to start with my round up post!

I knew from the agenda that there weren't too many sessions I wanted to go to this year. Not that they weren't all brilliant, of course. I learnt so much at BritMums Live 2013 and came away so completely and utterly inspired, I just knew I couldn't beat that! This year was more about the social side for me; meeting up with fellow bloggers, talking through ideas, making plans.

I was lucky enough to be dressed by some amazing fashion brands this year, and I'll be writing about them separately next  week. On the Friday I wore a khaki ruched tank dress from Baukjen, teamed with patent nude courts from Daniel Footwear (left). Saturday saw me in a royal blue Fever London tea dress with my beloved Moheda clogs (the cognac Bettys) and jewellery from Muru and Etsy (right). It was so nice to get properly dressed up not once, but twice!

Aside from the lovely frocks, the highlights of the conference, for me, were:

Meeting Nat from Style me Sunday and Vickie aka 29 Year Old Mama for the first time - at long, long, long, long last!

Catching up with the usual suspects; Jenny of KyNa Boutique fame, Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby, Alice aka An Essex Wife, Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours, Carissa from Little Likely Lads and Bonnie from Mama's VIB.

The Pinterest session with Lizzie (from Pinterest UK) and the Instagram session with photographer Marte Marie Forsberg (see my notes at the end of this post).

Having a few drinks in the Jugged Hare and All Bar One, before and after Friday's sessions.

A full night's sleep in a bed on my own! (Although it was amazing to sleep in a star shape without being elbowed by little knees and elbows I must admit I pined for the ratbags a teeny tiny bit!)

I honestly had such a blast, and I'm totally suffering from proper post-BML blues now!

Thanks once again to my fantastic, amazing, brilliant sponsors, Silver Cross, for enabling me to go to BritMums Live 2014. If you are interested in working with them in the future, please do drop me an email. xoxo


A bit about Pinterest 

Pinterest is one of my favourite social networks and has been since I joined at the beginning of 2011. As one of the first (possibly slightly obsessive) pinners, I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in the Pin It Forward campaign when Pinterest officially launched in the UK back in May last year too, which was such a fantastic opportunity and introduced me to lots of new blogs and fellow Pinterest fans.

Pinterest drives a hell of a lot of traffic to my blog and I can't rate it highly enough to people who don't use it yet, or to those that aren't using it to its full potential. 

For those of you that don't know what it is; it's a bookmarking tool. Once you've downloaded the 'Pin It' button to your toolbar you are able to save any image from anywhere on the internet to what I would describe as 'virtual moodboards', and in doing so you are also bookmarking a link to the website that image came from.

In order to promote your own blog posts, awesome imagery is equally as important as awesome content (in my opinion) - as once you're on Pinterest its the picture that grabs you and makes you want to re-pin. Although I do use it for Modern Mummy images, the majority of my pinning is for fun and entirely un-blog related. But, as Lizzie told us at the BritMums Pinterest session, people that read your blog are interested in what you've got to say and will be interested in what you pin too!

To prove just how popular Pinterest is, here are some figures. It is currently made up of 30 billion pins over 750 million different boards; including 50 million fashion related pins, 40 million home related pins and 65 million food related pins. 

Lizzie's tips for being successul on Pinterest

There's no such thing as too many pins - go nuts, pin up a frenzy!
Don’t stop pinning to one board and start up a new one (e.g. Home 1, Home 2 etc). People may only be following certain boards of yours and won't know that you've set up a new one and as a result you'll slip out of their feed. There's no limit to how many pins you can have on a board.
Share pins across boards - then they will appear to a much wider audience e.g. if you are pinning a picture of a birthday cake and you have a 'birthdays' board and a 'foodie' board, add it to both.
Be aware that hashtags don’t work on Pinterest - it uses organic text in search results instead. Descriptive captions help; use as many words as you can so that your pin appears in lots of different searches.


A bit about Instagram

I loved the session with Marte as I'm a huge fan of her Instagram feed. Instagram is my other favourite social network but until recently I've only used it for myself. I only added my blog URL to my profile a couple of months ago, and although it's certainly sending people to Modern Mummy, it's not a massive traffic driver....... yet!

Marte had some brilliant tips for making Instagram work for you.....

Take gorgeous images

The best, most fun images are ones that break the rules. Think about natural light, composition, edit, sharpen and filter. Take away things that are annoying within the image. Look for the essence of the room. What one little bit sums up the whole ambience?

Build followers

The best way to build (legitimate!) followers is interaction. There's no point having 100,000 spammy followers when your best photos are only getting 20 or 30 likes. You want your followers to be genuine, and to follow you because they like your photos. Follow others, comment, be active and engaged. Reply to comments. Answer questions. Build relationships.

Have a strategic use of hashtags. Keep them short, to the point, limit them to 3 or 4 per photo and keep them relevant.

Build relationships with assistants etc with fewer followers to get noticed.

Follow 1/3 friends // 1/3 inspiration // 1/3 strategic 

Comment - be active and engaged. Reply. Answer questions. build a relationship.

Be part of the community

Hashtags help you find people with similar interests to you. Use them. Find people that photograph things you like and use them so that they can find you! 

Brand building

Your profile picture is really important - it should grab people. Its the only thing people will see when you comment on their photo. If it's not a good'un, there's a chance they won't bother clicking on your profile to see what else you've got to offer!

Use your one profile link wisely! Change it whenever you want to e.g. if you are holding a giveaway swap your homepage URL to the giveaway one.

Only put relevant info in your profile. This is so important if you're using Instagram to promote your blog or a business. You can tell people your life history in your About Me section on your website!

Be consistent. Post regularly. Post high quality images. Keep a similar style throughout.


  1. Brilliant, you looked gorgeous and lovely chatting, even briefly! Fab tips from the sessions, I adore Pinterest and Instagram and really need to put more work into the latter! See you next year x

  2. Lovely to see you and thanks for the notes! I missed the instagram session

  3. Great roundup of the instagram session. I didn't make the pinterest one unfortunately (though your notes are a good substitute!). I didn't get a chance to meet you - (it was soooo busy wasn't it!) But I definitely recognise your face. Maybe next year!

  4. The Instagram session sounds good, I think I do them already however I don't use Pinterest much at all! x

  5. Great write up, and thanks for the notes. I didn't make either session - there were just too many good ones to choose from.

  6. Great notes. Wish we'd got to chat aside from the speedy hello as we whisked ourselves into the hotel to change. Sounds like you have a great time.

  7. Thanks for writing up those two talks: I missed them.


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