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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Considering a Cruise Holiday? The Pros and Cons

The first recorded leisure cruise took place at the end of the 19th Century. Since then, this type of holiday has flourished through the turn of the millennium and now stands as an industry with a reported worldwide market of over £20billion. For some, this type of package holiday is perfect because of the wide range of possible locations and impeccable amenities aboard the ships. Nevertheless, some may want to research before they set sail off into the sunset on their first cruise. Below is a collection of advantages and disadvantages that can help you to answer your questions if you’re considering embarking on cruise holidays in 2015:

Knowing the cost in advance
One of the most widely recognized benefits of cruise holidays is the security of knowing the cost of the holiday before leaving. Voyagers may want to spend money when they arrive at destinations on the cruise, but it can be comforting to know that travel, accommodation and food is all accounted for beforehand. 
No constant packing and unpacking!
Another fundamental advantage is the fact that the cruise will no doubt visit many different ports in which passengers can disembark and explore, without having to check into a new hotel every night or worry about transporting luggage from location to location. Time in each place is restricted, as the ship will have a scheduled time to move onto its next destination, leaving some people feeling as though they’ve not had the chance to appreciate the locality fully. However, this can be beneficial because passengers can get a taste for the area they visit and decide if they’d like to plan a journey back without time restrictions imposed by the cruise’s itinerary.

Never a dull moment
Cruise ships are famous for their entertainment, with many having performers on board to keep travellers engaged while the ship travels from port to port. Also, if holidaying as a family, kid’s clubs provide children with the perfect chance to socialize and have fun — and the parents some time to relax! Many modern cruise ships also have swimming pools, play areas and fitness and spa facilities to keep all the family (and the exercise enthusiasts!) happy.

No such thing as an empty stomach

It’s widely known that food on board is usually abundant and varied to satisfy everyone from the adventurous to the fussy each day. Since most meals are taken on board, some may feel as though they are missing out on sampling regional cuisine or delicacies and may prefer the chance to eat in local restaurants. 

Potential sea sickness (but don’t worry, there’ll be a doctor)
An apparent disadvantage of cruise travel is the potential to be sea sick. Due to the sheer size of most cruise ships, sea motion is largely dispelled. Severe weather conditions can, of course, cause the boat to move considerably and in certain areas, such as the Atlantic, it’s more likely to encounter larger waves. There are many different types of medication that can be prescribed to combat the symptoms of seasickness and often, if not always, there’s a doctor on board the ship who can help with motion sickness or any other ailments.

Ultimately, deciding on a cruise is a personal choice, and like any other holiday, involves careful consideration and planning. For some people, being in a totally different place every day is exhilarating and looking far out to sea each night is peaceful, picturesque and the perfect holiday.

This is a collaborative post. Images by David Nitzsche, Pierre Mangin and Samantha Beddoes used under creative commons license.


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