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Monday, 18 August 2014

Daisy's First School Shoes

In September Daisy starts school for the very first time.

We already had tears (mine, naturally) on her last day at nursery, and I just know that there will be more on the momentous occasion that is her first day at school.

The school uniform has been bought, as has the book bag and the PE bag, and on Saturday we headed off to our local Clarks to buy her very first pair of school shoes. Spirits were running very high before we left the house. After all, you only get to buy your first school shoes once; you've got to make the right choice!

Me on my first day at school in 1984 wearing Clarks shoes

I always knew I'd buy Daisy's first school shoes from Clarks. Her first walkers came from there, her first winter boots, and almost every pair ever since have too. Even MY first school shoes came from Clarks, over thirty years ago! Clarks are, without doubt, my most favourite children's shoe store.

Having been warned about just how busy Clarks stores can get towards the end of the summer holidays, we pre-booked an appointment. I didn't actually know you could do this until someone mentioned it on Twitter and I will most definitely use this service again (they even send you a text message to remind you of the date and time which is great when you're a bit scatty like me!).

I promised Daisy that she could choose her own school shoes. She has pretty good taste so I wasn't worried about her going for anything inappropriate (not that Clarks would sell anything inappropriate of course!). This made the whole event even more exciting and made Daisy feel super grown up.

After having her feet measured using Clarks' clever new iPad foot gauge, our sales assistant brought out a selection of shoes that were available in her size. I really like how Clarks do this. Of course you're still free to browse their displays for something you like, but it's nice to know exactly what's in stock too.

Shoes c/o Clarks

Daisy chose a pair of shoes that I genuinely would have chosen for myself; a pair of Dance Step Junior's in black leather with patent toes and velcro straps so that she can easily do them up and take them off without any help.

We also bought a pair of Cross Dart Junior trainers for PE (they're hot pink and turquoise and were, of course, handpicked by Daisy) and a pair of Ella Sweet First t-bars in patent black for Evie, who's feet had grown a whole size and a half since we'd last visited the store just two months ago!

Arms laden with shopping bags, we set off for home, where Daisy proceeded to try her school uniform on in it's entirety, complete now with shoes. Of course whenever I try and take photos of Evie for kids style posts she never co-operates but on this occasion she insisted on photobombing every picture of Daisy!

Cute though, eh?

This year, Clarks have partnered with classic publishers Ladybird to create a bespoke memory book called 'Let's Start School' which comes free with your child’s first school shoes. The book enables you and your child to document their excitement about starting school - and to record all the milestones reached over that first year in reception class.

Daisy was thrilled to be given this in store and can't wait to start filling it in.

Thanks to Clarks for making the whole school shoe shopping experience pleasant and stress free, and super fun too xo


  1. What a brilliant idea that memory book is. You and your girls look super cute. xxx

  2. This is so cute - Clarks through the generation. I'm starting pre school nursery next week - exciting times for us kiddies ;-) x Ax

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