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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Our Bathroom Renovations: An Update

At very, very long last the time has come for our horrendous bathroom to be redesigned and redecorated. 

I won't bore you with extensive details about just how awful and antiquated (and not in a good way!) it is - you can look at past posts for some lovely before shots here and here. The long and short of it is  that (1) that our bathroom is very tiny, (2) our bathroom is a peculiar shape, (3) our bathroom window is in a very annoying place and (4) the room has not changed whatsoever since its last makeover in 1961!

There is SO MUCH I'd love to do to it; some of which we are going to take into account during these renovations, but the majority of my ideas will have to wait until we have a bigger bathroom and a bigger house (boooooo!).

The current layout is a nightmare, with everyone at risk of banging their head on our boiler as they get up from the loo, and the sink being under the window, so no space for a mirror (that's one of the things that really annoys me). We also only have a bath which, as I'm sure all you parents out there will agree, is a complete nightmare when you have two small children and just want to nip in and out of the shower in a couple of minutes. So the big changes (aside from the decor) will be the switching of positions of the loo and the sink and the introduction of an over bath Mira power shower!

I'll be leaving all that to the professionals (my husband and my dad) so that I can concentrate on the pretty stuff - and I so can't wait.

Where do I start with that? There are so many beautiful bathroom ideas out there (have you SEEN my bathroom Pinterest board?!! I've been a little obsessive about pinning onto it recently) but unfortunately the space limitations will put a stop to most of my favourites.

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There are a few things I've decided for definite though and the colour scheme is one of them. We'll be going for black, white and turquoise - with lots of plants for an extra splash of green. I'd also like a shower curtain, rather than a shower screen (everyone keeps telling me I'm mad but I hate cleaning glass and would much rather be able to pop a curtain into the washing machine - plus I think a curtain will soften the whole look of the room and add a real vintage feel.... Your thoughts?) and I already know I'm going to have to be super clever when it comes to storage. I've pinned two images of over door shelving for towels and under bath stowaway storage and it would be brilliant if we were able to incorporate them both.

Just because our bathroom isn't ideal, there's no way I'm compromising on any of the finishing touches. This bathroom is going to be my haven and I'm determined to make it as luxurious as possible! XOX

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