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Friday, 29 August 2014

Perfect Healthy Lunchboxes with Capri-Sun #Shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

With Daisy starting school next month, the time has come for us to start thinking fairly seriously about packed lunch boxes. I often make the girls packed lunches when we're heading out for the day but SCHOOL lunch boxes are a different matter altogether aren't they? I mean, the competition about who had the best lunch was fierce in my day - and I'm guessing things are still the same now!

It's important for me to give the girls healthy lunchboxes, but equally important to fill them with stuff that they will actually eat. Daisy is going through a fussy stage at the moment and it's very important for me to know that she has a full tummy and plenty of energy so we are avoiding trying new stuff and sticking to the things that she knows and loves.

I got a bit excited when the #CollectiveBias #CapriSunSchool shopportunity came up because this family are all huge Capri-Sun lovers. I can remember when they first hit the market in the eighties and my mum used to put them in MY lunch boxes. They were the coolest drinks around and we used to try and take the straws out of their little film wrappers without detaching them from the drink itself, then piece the bottom instead of the top. Once we'd finished our drinks, we'd blow into the straw to fill the carton with air then carefully put the straw back into its wrapper (still glued to the pouch) and place the drink back in our lunch boxes to fool our parents into thinking we'd forgotten to drink them.

It's funny the things you remember, eh? :)

Anyway, back to 2014!

We headed off to our regular supermarket, Tesco, on our usual weekly shop and half way through our trip found ourself in the juice aisle.

There's such a huge choice when it comes to the different cartons and bottles of juice. This is where Capri-Sun stands out - for me anyway. The foil pouches are one of a kind - and I love, love, love that they come in large boxes of ten, rather than just three or four. I also love that there are regularly deals on boxes of them, as was the case when we visited our local store on this occasion. They were a third off, down from £2.96 to just £2 for ten! 20p each for a carton of drink is just brilliant, in my opinion.

Back at home, we made a trial lunch box for Daisy to take on a picnic with her friends. I packed one and a half rounds of sandwiches, two little yoghurts (one is never enough!), two plums and a banana. Everyone draws faces on their bananas, right? Of course we also added a Capri-Sun and my top tip when it comes to lunch box Capri-Suns is to freeze them; firstly so that they act like a disposable ice pack and keep everything else nice and fresh - and secondly because after around four hours they're a delicious slushy treat! (We actually took three cartons of frozen Capri-Suns in our Camp Bestival cool box and they stayed cold for the entire four days we were there!)

Of course, we couldn't only let Daisy in on the Capri-Sun fun, so we also let Evie take a couple when we went to Victorious Festival last weekend ;)

Capri-Sun Juice Drinks come in 200ml pouches and are perfect for lunch boxes, days out - or just for treats. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are available in eight different, equally delicious flavours.

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