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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Baby Essentials: Lindam Car Sunshades

Earlier this year I bought myself a little car. I'd been without one for almost two years and I can't tell you how brilliant it has been, being back on the road; I feel as if I've regained my independence now that we are able to jump in the car whenever we want or need to.

Although it's eleven years old, my 'new' wheels are in pretty good shape, and I have to admit I'm a little bit precious about them. The back seat is full of organisers for different bits of baby paraphernalia/the girls toys and I insist on having a tidy up at the end of every journey. My husbands car is the exact opposite (I often refer to it as a 'skip on wheels' because it's so full of rubbish) and I think having to be transported about in that for the past couple of years has inspired me to be super clean and organised in my own!

Despite being obsessed with bright, bold colours, for some reason I've opted for a super smart black theme when it comes to my car; the car itself is black, the interior is all black, the girls car seats are black and my organisers are all black too. It just sort of happened, and I must admit I like it. 

Anyway I digress ;)

Something I desperately needed was some sun shades in the back for the girls. It was glaringly obvious on our road trips that the sun shining through the glass onto them was not pleasant - to the point that it stopped them from being comfortable or being able to nap.

I'd seen hundreds of sun shades on my travels; most of which had well known characters on them or smiley faces. Without wanting to sound terribly grumpy, or like someone who doesn't want their children to have any fun at all, I didn't WANT these kind of shades. I wanted something simple, stylish and practical - to match my car!

Then I found Lindam's White Hot Safety Sunblock Shades, which were perfect. Plain black, easy to use (they're secured to the window with suction cups and have a two step release button to adjust/roll up the blinds) and with a brilliant patented White Hot heat alert system which lets you know when the temperature is too hot, these genuinely were the ideal shades for my car. I know they sound super boring for the girls but that is actually a good thing, as so far they haven't been even remotely interested in them, or tempted to fiddle about with them.

The best part of all is, as is the same with all Lindam products, that they are a complete and utter bargain - sold singly for £6.29 or in a two pack for £10.49.

Check out the Lindam website here for all sorts of clever safety equipment; we're already huge fans and can't recommend the brand highly enough xo

DISCLAIMER: We were sent two shades for the purpose of this review.


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