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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vamos a la playa: Coastal bliss along Costa Blanca

Along the Mediterranean coast in Spain lies a stretch of sand so perfect it looks manicured, and weather so nice you’d swear it is temperature controlled. Called Costa Blanca, or the “White Coast”, this 200 kilometre stretch of land is a certified paradise on earth, where memories are made and company is enjoyed. For a family holiday you won’t forget, head to Costa Blanca, here’s why. 

Your family will never get bored
Costa Blanca consists of hotspots such as Benidorm, Altea, La Zenia, and much, much more. So say you decide to start your trip with a Benidorm holiday, where you check out its unique, skyscraper dominated skyline and it’s wealth of theme parks. After that you can head to Calpe and take in the world famous Rock of Ifach while everyone munches down on some fresh, and cheap, seafood dishes. There are so many things to do along this coast that it’s almost impossible to become bored. 

It’s made for a family holiday
Speaking of things to do, most children get bored after a few minutes, no matter how picturesque the location is, while adults can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. That’s why Costa Blanca is made for a family holiday. Bored with clear water and warm sand? Take the kids exploring in a natural park! Fed up with yet another authentic and culturally relevant street market? Go and ride some roller coasters! The list goes on, but you get the drift. There are activities for every member of the family, so you always have something to do. Plus, if you want to get away from all the busyness, places like Benidorm or Denia have great “old towns”, where you can see what life was originally like before they became a mecca for tourists. 

It’s got personality
A holiday to this Mediterranean coast is different from say, a trip to Disneyland. This is pretty obvious, but bear with me. What makes it so different is how much culture and learning can be had, all under the disguise of a fun beach trip. For instance, a day in Alicante can be spent exploring and defending the Moorish Santa Barbara Castle. Or, if you prefer a bit of Roman influence, the Calpe Roman baths are some of the best preserved in the world. For a special memory, there is the Palm Grove of Elche. This sweeping sea of palm trees was first planted by Carthaginians in the fifth century, as a source of food for both humans and livestock. Today it is the largest collection of Palm trees in Europe, and is truly a breathtaking sight.

Some unique activities
There are so many things to see and do along the Costa Blanca, you could spend months there and not see everything. However, there are a two places you just can’t miss.

The Calblanque is a natural park in the Murcia region that is famous for its unspoiled coastline and natural beauty. With its hidden coves and diverse range of flora and fauna, it’s a welcome reprieve from the energy of the cities.

Aqualandia is not the most educational activity, but a trip to the largest theme park in Europe is bound to be fun. Situated right outside of Benidorm, this theme park is all about the water, boasting water rides, chutes, and slides sure to turn even the most serious of people into a giggling mess.

One of the best things about taking a holiday with family is the collective experience; you’ll always remember when you saw “it” for the first time, and who you were with. A family holiday isn’t only about the present experience; it’s for a later date. 

Being able to say, “remember when” and reliving those memories, those little inside jokes years later, is what makes a family holiday special. That’s why a holiday to Costa Blanca is perfect for families, whether it be now, or later.

This is a collaborative post. Images by Luke Addison, David Hurt, Phillip Capper, Stephen Colebourne and ramonbaile used under creative commons license.

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