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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Newlands Corner, Surrey: A Photo Post

We're so lucky to live where we do; there are so many areas of outstanding natural beauty and places of historical interest right on our doorstep. My good friend Emma (Daisy's chocoholic godmother) and I have decided that every week we're going to go on a Sunday walk and explore all these amazing places with the kids (we have four girls between us).

Today we headed to Newlands Corner which is a viewpoint a little to the east of Guildford town centre and has THE most amazing views over the Surrey Hills. We had a little stroll while the girls ran ahead of us collecting flowers and picking blackberries. Afterwards we stopped off at the cafe for a coffee, the girls had a play on the climbing frame and we all admired the vintage cars that were parked in the car park. 

Of course it goes without saying that we both took lots of photos, and here are just a few of them xoxo

Trying to get a family portrait... unsuccessfully! Emma took about 60 shots and in all of them
Daisy is pouting like a moody teenager and Evie is trying to run away from me!

Some beautiful flowers that Daisy picked for me

Daisy tree climbing with her God-sister Nathalie



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  1. What stunning photos Katy, looks like you guys had a wonderful day for a stroll.


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