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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas 2014: A Photo Post

Christmas went way too fast this year. It disappeared in a crazy blur of school shows and shopping and Baileys.

This year was all about:

Long lazy mornings. OH MY GOODNESS, my children have actually been sleeping in during these holidays! We've been waking up, refreshed and happy at gone 8am, and enjoying lots of leisurely, delicious cooked breakfasts.

Awesome Christmas lights and decorations (and not just ours at home!). We made the trip up to London and I'm so glad we did. Selfridges' contribution was by far my favourite.

Chocolate. I don't think I've ever eaten so much chocolate. We still have soooo much to get through too (by midnight tomorrow of course).

Christmas jammies! The elves excelled themselves this year; the girls LOVED their nordic style onesies from Mothercare.

Leaving out treats for Father Christmas. We have a special mince pie plate from Emma Bridgewater that we bring out every year. This is one of my favourite traditions for sure. The excitement from the girls the next morning when they see that everything has been eaten is so adorable.

Presents! Father Christmas may have gone slightly overboard this year.....

Did I mention, long, lazy mornings and delicious, leisurely breakfasts? I'm ashamed (/proud? - can't decide) to admit that I demolished this entire (HUGE) hazelnut pannetone all by myself (save for two slices) over the course of four breakfasts. It was SO GOOD.

Faces like these. I admit I did spoil the girls this year, I guess to compensate for what has been a pretty rubbish few months for us all, but they are so good (most of the time), and so grateful for anything they are given. Daisy actually only asked for one thing this Christmas, and that was a Magiclip Elsa doll. They're tiny and only cost £9 but they had sold out everywhere so muggins here ended up forking £25 for one on Amazon. I'd have paid twice that for this face! She was so happy! 

Christmas dinner! Mother Earley did goooooood. I ate until I thought I was about to burst..... then I sat down on the sofa to watch the Queen's speech and I was asleep before she'd even started.

Ahhh, afternoon naps. And not just on Christmas Day either. We've all had a few of these, these holidays.

Days out with family and friends. It's been so good catching up with all the people we love over the festive period - and spending time just us too. My work put on a themed showing of The Polar Express which was incredible; the kids all wore pyjamas and had been given gold tickets which were punched on their way in. They got hot chocolates at the interval and at the end were given a little Christmas bell (which I've now turned into a Christmas tree decoration, to be brought out every year!).

We've also been letting off steam in the great outdoors; I love that the girls are proper outdoorsy country kids.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases too - here's to a happy and healthy 2015 for us all xoxo

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