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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dear Diary #1

One of my oldest friends came over on New Years Eve. We cooked a cottage pie and drank gin and tonics and watched Alan Carr and Jools Holland while our kids made paper chains and drew pictures in the kitchen. We also spent a long time in hysterics whilst going through my old diaries of 95-01. I always kept a diary in my teens; they started off as huge, waffly 'Dear Diary' type entries in big leather bound page-a-day diaries ('WHY doesn't Brad LIKE me? Why? WHY?') and then in college/Uni they changed to scribbles, appointments, song lyrics and illustrations in week-to-view paperbacks that were easier to carry around (and often covered in band stickers and/or faux fur).  

I LOVED reading them back, and even the tiniest of entries, like a heart next to initials on a certain date, or a line from a song, or a note from a friend, jolted my memory and made me smile. 

I decided there and then to resurrect my diary keeping, albeit in an online and very public form!

After not keeping a proper diary for ten years, I decided I would write a weekly post on here focussing on all the things the girls and I have been up to over the course of the week. It will probably be mainly for my own benefit but my aim for the year is to improve my photography so I'll attempt to post some decent pictures to keep you all entertained!

So onto my first week.......

Last weekend I worked, worked, worked. The girls went to their Dad's house overnight for the first time so I put myself down for a triple shift on the Saturday and a lunch time shift on the Sunday to keep busy. I treated myself to a takeaway pizza on the Saturday night and watched The Notebook for the first time. (Oh my GOD why didn't anyone warn me how much I would cry?!) I painted my nails and managed to get my hair into a teeny tiny top knot which was no mean feat. I definitely made the most of having some time on my own although I pined for the girls a ridiculous amount.

In between shifts I dusted the house, swept and mopped the floors, did about six loads of laundry, a mini food shop AND managed to wash and blow dry my hair, which was heaven. Blow drying my hair is a massive luxury for me. We don't have a shower so I have to wash it in the bath and I can only spend lots of time in the bathroom after the littlies have gone to bed - by which time I can't Parlux the life out of my hair for fear of waking them!

Monday was taken up by a trip to Ikea. God I love that place. If you haven't got a Family Card you should so get one - free coffee in the cafe and a 9 item cooked breakfast for a little over £2! Our nearest store is about fifty miles away though, so when we go, we have to make a day out of it. Evie and I went after dropping Daisy at school and came home with the usual stuff; picture frames, cushions, cacti. 

On Tuesday I got my hair done, OH YES I DID! I visited a new salon (for me) in Grayshott called Blue and I will never go anywhere else ever again. I'm going to write an entire post about it soon so I won't go into masses of detail here but I've started the transformation back to blonde, which I am VERY excited about. Roll on Summer.

Wednesday was a pretty standard day made up of the usual school runs and housework and food shopping. Evie and I played with Daisy's Shopkins while she was at school which made her day!

Thursday was a big day for me. My new ring (to replace my engagement and wedding rings) arrived in the morning's post. I blogged about it here. I like having a ring on that finger again.

Friday was a brilliant day in my #31FitterDays challenge (which I mentioned in my post about health and fitness goals for this year). A friend and I went for a long walk after the school run with our littlests in their buggies and I ended up almost doubling my daily steps goal! I'm really keen to work on my fitness this year. Dieting and me do not go well together. I love my food. Similarly, exercise and me do not go well together. I'm all for being active but I can't bring myself to sweat like a pig, feel like a fox no matter now much I watch that video on YouTube. I have started a fifteen minute daily kettle bell workout though so who knows how I'll feel about exercise in twelve weeks time?

We went to the panto in the evening. It was a mega late night for the girls but they loved it and joined in with all the shouting and enjoyed huge ice creams in the interval.

I was at work again on Saturday so the girls had fun at Granny & Grandads. I got a copy of Prima Baby in the post and found myself in the style pages which, despite the fact I was wearing no make up and had caught-in-a-downpour fringe issues, was pretty awesome. When the girls got home we made our own pizzas for dinner and then they had a late night, staying up until 8pm to watch Stars in their Eyes (NOT my idea). We all ended up going to bed together at 8.15 which was bliss, even though we were all up at 5am the next morning.

This week I have been reading:
Prima Baby, of course. Page 82, people, PAGE EIGHTY TWO!

Listening to:
The Beatles, Please Please Me. I'm looking to buy a Dansette record player and am trying to persuade my Dad to let me have all his old LPs, including this one. I love the scratchy sound of real records; my Dad said that you used to know your own copies by the scratches on them as they played.

My new Cath Kidston rosewood midi skirt. It's a sage colour and a length (midi) I've never worn before so I've had it on twice this week; once teamed with a pale peachy pink t-shirt from Boden and once with an oatmeal vest top. It's bloody gorgeous. I'm so glad I managed to pick one up for half price in the sale! Stuff like that never happens to me!

What have you been up to? xoxo 


  1. Love this new series Katy, always love to read your blogs. Been a busy week at this end with my first whole week of fitness classes at the local gym, plus looking after Jesse & trying to get this new blog up and running. Got hit with the dreaded lurgy yesterday morning so have spent two days in bed :( Cosy, at least! Hope to see you soon xx

  2. Love that you are in Prima Baby and I love this new series too, love reading little snippets like this. I love your phone case too. ;)

  3. Are we worthy Katy?! Will you still speak to us now you're in magazines?! Haha. Love this and can't wait for the next instalment. Glad you're settling into independent womanhood! Vx


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