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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dear Diary #5

Well, we've made it to the end of another half term which means Evie and I have a whole week to spend with Daisy! Yay! The past six weeks have totally flown by - and this week seemed to be the fastest of them all.

Monday was my quiet day. I worked in the morning and spent the afternoon doing chores.

Tuesday was a bit more exciting.... I went vintage shopping with my BFF and found the most beautiful Victorian dresser mirror which matches my chest of drawers perfectly. The best part was that it only cost £15!

Wednesday was spent in the cupcake shop again... This is becoming a bit of a weekly habit now, although this time I opted for a heart shaped crumpet rather than a cake. To make up for it though, Daisy had a play date after school and I baked cakes for her and her friend to decorate. 

I worked again on Thursday, and then after school it was Daisy's parents evening. She had a glowing report from her teacher which was wonderful - but my favourite part of all was getting to look around her class room! Every week one of the children is chosen to be 'Star of the Week' and this week it was Daisy's turn, which meant we got to read the reasons why her friends like her so much. How adorable are they?

On Thursday I also decided to treat myself to something I've wanted for a long, long time! I ordered a limited edition print of one of my favourite paintings by an artist called Valériane Leblond. Valériane is a French artist living in Wales and I love love love love love her work. This painting is called "Mae brân i frân yn rhywle" which very roughly translates to "there is somebody for everybody". if you get five minutes you really must take a look at her website and Etsy shop. I've sent my print off to be professionally framed and can't wait to get it back!

Friday was THE LAST DAY OF HALF TERM (hurray!) so we kick started the holidays with a pizza + movie night at our neighbours' house.

When we got home we had a rather eventful bedtime. Evie managed to work out how to scale the bars of her cot AND the stair gate. I had to put her back to bed twenty times before she finally fell asleep, exhausted. Then in the middle of the night she did it again and the first I heard of it was when she jumped on top of me and woke me up! My job for this coming week is to take the sides off her cot and to invest in some higher gates...

Saturday was the dreaded Valentine's Day..... my first single one in fifteen years! The girls and I went up to London to stay with my parents for the weekend. Thank goodness for friends that send you silly cards and Dads that take you to the pub for an evening of beer and live music!

Today we headed further into London to visit my Nan, and my sister and nephews. My sister's two boys are the same age as Daisy and Evie and it's so nice when we all get together. It doesn't happen nearly enough!

This week I have been:


listening to...... 'Oceans' by Seafret. Oh my god, I have had it on repeat constantly since I downloaded it after hearing it on Radio 1 on Monday. It's just so beautiful.

wearing..... my brother's jeans!! Can you believe I forgot to pack a pair of bloody trousers for myself when we went to stay with my parents? I ended up pinching a pair of my brother's jeans (and having to roll them up about a million times as he is 6ft 3 and I'm only 5ft 7). Am hoping he won't miss them as, despite the length, they're actually a really nice fit and I want to cut them into shorts for the summer! xoxo



  1. We had a pizza night this week too!! lovely comments about Daisy and what a lovely painting. Those jeans really suit you I'm sure your brother won't notice!

  2. Your Brother's jeans really suit you - they look awesome! Sounds like you've had a fun week :) love the heart-shaped crumpet! I can't believe Evie scaled the bars!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. Love your dresser and what cute notes about Daisy - have a fantastic half-term week! #TWTWC

  4. What a lovely week, those jeans look awesome.
    Cupcake shop being a reg. sounds ideal to me.
    How lovely are those comments about Daisy - just magical.
    And that mirror - awesome!


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