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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Celebrate Your Whites with Vanish!

Tailored White Shirt, £110 - Karen Millen

The colour white is one I generally avoid as a mum. When Daisy was a teeny tiny baby (my first, of course) I ADORED dressing her in pristine white sleep suits. What in the world is CUTER than a newborn baby all dressed in white?! 

As soon as we started weaning all those pretty babygros turned grey/orange and ended up in the rag bank, never to be seen again, and the crisp white shirts that I had loved wearing pre-children, and which were now stained with sticky hand prints, went with them.

Last month I was welcomed into Vanish's Blogger Club and asked to put their latest products - Vanish Gold for Whites - to the ultimate test! They sent out a pot of this wonder stuff, along with a gorgeous Karen Millen shirt that had been deliberately greyed.

I was totally up for the challenge.... if I could get an 'old' white shirt to look new again, maybe the time had come for me to reintroduce some whites to my wardrobe. If tennis style whites are a key trend for SS15 then the timing was spot on too!

Vanish Gold for Whites is designed to tackle the unavoidable dull and dingy grey colour that white material goes after it's been worn and washed a few too many times. It comes in a powder form that can be used to soak prior to washing, as a pre-treatment for really tough stains, or just in your every day white wash to boost the stain removal abilities of your regular detergent.

To combat the greyness of my Karen Millen shirt I gave it a six hour soak, a regular wash and a second wash with a scoop of Vanish added to my regular non-bio detergent. I'm not one to get ridiculously excited over washing results but I can't deny I was majorly impressed!

I had also been sent out a colour chart to compare levels of whiteness. To begin with, the shirt was most definitely a four. Greyer than a four. After the Vanish treatment I would say it was more like a two or a one!

The moral of this story? It's time to wear whites again! I'll be adding Vanish Gold for Whites to my weekly shop for sure.

The RRP of a 470g pot of Vanish Gold for Whites powder is £5.75, and it is available from all good supermarkets.


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