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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dear Diary #10

It's the end of another busy week, and we are one step closer to the Easter holidays. Yay! Is it just me, or has this been the shortest half term ever?!

So what have we been up to? 

Monday was a VERY BIG DAY. It was Evie's first day at nursery! She has been looking forward to starting for months, telling me it's her 'school' every time we walk past it after dropping Daisy at big school. She had two settling in sessions this week and then starts properly after the Easter break. She LOVED them both. I stayed with her for the first but she practically threw me out at the second. I had a WHOLE HOUR with NO CHILDREN to look after! So of course I spent it in the toy shop buying birthday presents for Daisy's friends.

On Tuesday I did something I've wanted to do for a very, very long time. I bought a piano. I've always wanted the girls to grow up with one in the house just like I did, so when my friend decided to sell hers I jumped at the chance to buy it. Isn't it a beaut? At the moment it's sat on my dad's van waiting to be transported down here next week. I can't wait to have it in our living room! Anyone know any piano tuners close to Haslemere?

Wednesday saw me picking up my latest print from the framers. This one is a miniature and I absolutely love it. Daisy spotted it in a shop and also chose the dark grey frame. It sums me up pretty well I think! Speaking of cats, Wednesday was a rather momentous day for Mabel as she ventured outside for the first time! I think she wore herself out as she completely passed out on the arm chair at dinner time and couldn't even bring herself to move when the girls came in and started to annoy her! 

I worked on Thursday morning and then had my hair coloured in the afternoon. I had been contemplating going back blonde for the summer (I had some highlights put in on my last visit to kick start the colour change) but over the past few weeks I realised I really didn't want to. So much to my hairdresser's delight (Sorry Alan & Cara!!) I made them dye it back brown again. I'm glad I did though.... I love it. I don't think I will ever go back blonde again now.

On Friday, after the eclipse, we seemed to get a mini heatwave! After school Daisy played out with the other kids from our terrace. Coats were abandoned and the hose even got sprayed.... It felt so spring like. I can't wait for summer now!

This week Saturday was my day of work-work and house work. Daisy and Evie had a party to go to and according to Daisy it was the BEST PARTY EVER! They were both pooped come bedtime which meant they had an early night and I got to watch two movies back to back once they were asleep.

Today was a super busy Sunday! We visited my godparents in Hove, walking into Brighton along the beach front and stopping for coffee in the Lanes before heading back to their house for a spot of lunch. We then drove home via Littlehampton and had Pizza Express for dinner which was goooooooood!

This week I have been:

Listening to..... Ray LaMontagne's album Til the Sun Turns Black. "Can I Stay" has been on constant repeat this past week and this live version is so beautiful. 

Wearing.... New shoes!

Not one pair, but two pairs. Oh my! Yes, the Next very kindly sent me a hamper of goodies for Mother's Day which included these gorgeous monochrome pumps. Plus these amazing pointed t-bar flats came to join my ever growing shoe collection from Boden this week. Aren't they divine?

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