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Monday, 16 March 2015

New for SS15: The PacaPod Idaho Changing Bag

You know how women usually fall into one of two categories and they're either shoe or bag women? Well I am most definitely the latter. I have always carried my life around in my handbag..... purse, keys, phone, filofax, make up bag, sunglasses. When the girls came along I still needed all that in my bag, plus extra space for nappies, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys and all the other essential baby paraphernalia that us parents have to carry around from day to day. 

I've lusted after a PacaPod for forever (the Firenze in chocolate leather is right at the very top of my wish list and has been for some time). Aside from the beautiful aesthetics, I have a real thing about organising stuff. I get twitchy when I can't find something, or if the bottom of my bag is full of rubbish. Being sent the Idaho in crimson to review was a bit of a dream come true for my inner organiser.

For those of you that don't know, PacaPod bags are a 3 in 1 organisation system. The outer bag contains an insulated feeder 'pod' and a separate 'changer' pod as well as a mat which separates the two. The pods are brilliant, as if you're out and about and need to nip to the baby change you can just whip the changing pod out and leave the bag and buggy with a friend. You can also take them out of the bag and clip them directly to your pram handles, freeing up more space in the main body of the bag itself.

PacaPods also have pram clips, a key fob and mobile and pen pockets which, in the case of the Idaho, are conveniently located in a clip fastening front pocket which makes them super easily accessible. So there is absolutely no chance of you being disorganised, even if you usually are!

The size of the bag and pods are great; there is more than enough space to carry everything needed for two children. 

I love the design; its casual and relaxed from the outside (I LOVE the colour combo of the wipe clean crimson and the vegan tan leather trim) but everything has a place inside. (OCD? Moi?)

The best thing about the whole PacaPod collection is that once your small people are all grown up and don't need you to carry quite so much around with you on their behalf, you can remove the pods and continue using the outer bag as a handbag. The Idaho is a great size and will easily hold my MacBook on top of the other million things I cart about with me. Even when it's entirely full, it's still really comfortable to wear across your body too (something that drives me potty about some of my other bags that just don't sit right).

The entire PacaPod collection is available directly from their website and the Idaho retails at £75.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a PacaPod Idaho for the purpose of this honest review.


  1. Are these leather bags? I'd live a leather one!

  2. Oh I keep seeing these floating about on the internet and on actual people in the street and every time I read a review or see one I want one more! They look so well designed!


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