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Monday, 13 April 2015

Dear Diary #13

It's just a short diary entry from me this week. We spent the last seven days finishing up our fortnight's chickenpox quarantine for Evie - missing all the beautiful weather in the process! - and after all that she didn't even catch it! Bearing in mind my girls are forever sharing drinks, snacks, baths and clothes and are pretty much constantly wrestling cuddling, I am pretty amazed and already not looking forward to chickenpox round two whenever it decides to descend upon us.

The week started slowly, with Daisy still being spotty and infectious. We stayed at home with Mabel and watched films, we played games, we baked, we did crafty things. It was WEDNESDAY before D's last spot scabbed over and normality could resume, for her at least.

I worked on THURSDAY morning, and then had a rare afternoon to myself with nothing to do! I ended up going into Guildford to buy underwear. Do not judge, but it suddenly became apparent that I was still wearing the cheapo black granny pants I packed in my hospital bag when I was pregnant with Daisy six years ago. Oh my god! I was also still wearing an interesting collection of maternity/nursing/non-underwired/moth eaten t-shirt bras of a similar age, and I thought I ought to get my boobs measured and buy some more supportive (and pretty!) ones. I did wonder whether they might have shrunk after two babies but it turns out they haven't (PHEW!) and I came home with three matching underwear sets. MATCHING UNDERWEAR SETS! It's a shame no one is going to see them ;)

We spent FRIDAY out in the garden. It was such a beautiful day so we started tidying up and making plans for what to do with it in the Summer. Our garden is a bit peculiar in that we have a paved, walled patio, with brick stairs at the back leading up to our long, skinny lawn. It's not the safest for small kids and, in fact, this was the first time Evie has ever played out with Daisy. I plan to put a little picket fence up at the top of the stairs, and also have some rubbish to clear. I'd like to get some plants too. If we get cracking now I am hopeful it will be lovely and child-friendly before the summer holidays!

SATURDAY was my main working day this week; the girls were with their dad so I did a triple shift! On my lunch break I went to collect this gem of a picture from the framers (I may as well move in there I think, I've been back so many times recently - if you're in Surrey and are looking for a recommendation then get yourself down to The Haslemere Framing Co, round the back of the High Street. They are lovely and do a really super job). Anyhoo, it's called "How Does She Always Look So Pulled Together" and is by Ashley Goldberg (bought from Etsy - here). I love her illustrations and we were scrolling through them all when Daisy said this looked just like me and Mabel so we decided to get it!

On SUNDAY we were officially out of quarantine, so to celebrate we took to the road and spent the day on Knoll Beach in Dorset. If you don't know that area, it's a place you absolutely must visit. The beaches are all National Trust, so parking is free if you're a member (joining was one of the best things I ever did!!), and they all have lovely cafes and shops, well maintained toilets etc. We spent the day paddling in the sea and eating ice creams and building sandcastles.... basically what we had planned on spending the WHOLE EASTER HOLIDAYS DOING (bloody chickenpox.... I'm not bitter, honest).

This week I have been....

Wearing.... Yoga pants! A lot! Well with nothing to do and nowhere to go there's not much point getting dolled up. On my afternoon out, though, I busted out this Boden sale purchase from last year for the first time. It's not available anymore, however the jeans (from Next are - see here) and the T-bar flats are current season Boden (and can be found here).


Listening to.... 'Distant Past' by Everything Everything. We've heard this on the radio a million times this past week, and when we finally escaped the house and set off on a road trip it was the first song to play. We zoomed down the A3 with the windows open and it blasting out at full volume! Even Evie sang along!

Watching.... Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. OH MY GOD. I totally binge watched the whole season in TWO NIGHTS!! If you have Netflix you HAVE to check it out. Utterly brilliant.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. LOVE Daisys tshirt in this, do you mind me asking where it's from - would love one for my Daisy!

  2. Boo to the chickenpox! Did I see on Facebook that Evie now has it?? That print is awesome! Love it :) Looks like a fab trip to the beach!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx

  3. Oh chickenpox, I remember that episode well :( At least you managed some fun time at the beach 😊
    Love your outfit, looks lush x

  4. Chickenpox singlehandedly ruined a Christmas two years ago. Hope things look up for yours soon. Thanks for the link to this illustrator, Ashley. I love her work. Ordering one now for my sister!


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