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Monday, 20 April 2015

Dear Diary #14

Yeah, so it turns out I totally tempted fate when I wrote that Evie had managed to avoid the pox in my last diary entry. A couple of hours after hitting publish she woke up with a temperature and the spots had started on her tummy..... the following morning they had quadrupled! She got it SO much worse than Daisy and was so unhappy and uncomfortable with it; we had many a stressful day and sleepless night. I'm glad this week is finally over and she is on the mend again. 

Needless to say its another short diary entry from me, as we've had to spend a third week at home with a certain highly contagious small person!

MONDAY was a teacher training day at Daisy's school and Evie's first proper morning at nursery. (She was still pox-less at this point, or so we thought). It was nice for me and Daisy to get to spend some time together - aside from our trip to Paris last year, we've not had a chance to spend time just us two. We wandered into town to buy biscuits and came home and made tea to dip them into!

When we picked Evie up at lunchtime we went down to the Hen House in Haslemere for a spot of lunch and a play. 

It was on Monday night that the Pox Round Two began! Two days after our two week quarantine had ended. Typical.

TUESDAY was a VERY exciting day for us girls. My very lovely and very clever Dad came to our house to build us a new staircase as the old one was on the point of collapse. They are awesome! The girls were way more excited than a five year old and two year old should be, but when you've had broken stairs for a long time, beautiful new ones are bound to be a bit of a novelty. Of course the walls still need to be plastered and painted and the stairs carpeted but HEY! Task one complete (thanks, Daddy).

On WEDNESDAY I received some exciting mail..... my first Marley Spoon UK order! I've always wanted to try a recipe kit delivery service and this one from Marley Spoon was incredible! I'll be writing about it very soon. Wednesday was also the peak of Evie's poxiness. It was so horrible seeing her so distressed and fed up. I finally managed to get her to take some liquid piriton (mixed in with really strong squash to hide the taste) and just let her run around with no clothes on which seemed to cheer her up a lot!

THURSDAY was my boring day. I worked in the morning and pottered in the afternoon. Nothing exciting to report at all, except that I made my first Marley Spoon creation in the evening (and drank the best part of a bottle of red wine in the process which made it extra fun!)

On FRIDAY I drove to Wales for my Uncle's funeral. It goes without saying that it was a very sad day, but it was nice to see lots of my Welshie family. Why is it that it's often only occasions like these that bring families together? 

SATURDAY night was Movie Night and I introduced the girls to Labyrinth, which is one of my most favourite films of ALL TIME! I wasn't sure whether they'd like it but they absolutely, definitely did and I was so pleased! We stayed up really late (Evie had a power nap at 5pm to see her through!), ate far too many sweets and too much ice cream and pranced around the living room to 'Dance Magic Dance'. Daisy was convinced the movie was filmed in Haslemere as there is a boggy section in the meadow at the end of our road that I have always called 'The Bog of Eternal Stench'. She also thought the alleyway at the beginning of the film looked just like one we have running from the high street to church. I've been trying to think what building I can tell her is the goblin castle ever since ;) 

On SUNDAY we were finally OFFICIALLY out of quarantine, as the last of Evie's spots had scabbed over. I do not do 'staying at home' very well so took this as a good excuse to celebrate and we paid Dylan's Dairy Barn a visit for ice cream. 

This week I have been listening to.... Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear. OH MY GOD! It's SO GOOD! Yes I know I am totally behind the times but we have had it on repeat all weekend. All three of us have been shouting out/singing along and dancing round the kitchen like lunatics. Burn the Pages is my favourite track. 


this cute dress I picked up in the TigerlillyQuinn sale last year. It didn't look right with tights so was hidden in the deepest, darkest depths of my wardrobe all winter. Now it's bare legs weather (YESSSSSSSSSS) it's back in rotation again. Hurray!

Reading.... My Marley Spoon recipes! Blog post coming soon.... they are soooo good!

Lusting after.... THIS ROB RYAN PRINT! Two hundred and sixty three English pounds though. I might have to rob a bank, or sell a kidney.

PS How cute is Mabel Meatball? 

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  1. Ooooh that dress is so so pretty!!!! So sorry to hear about your uncle :( sounds like you managed to make the most out of another pox-week!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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