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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dear Diary #15

Last week was our first pox free week in what feels like FOREVER! Hoo-freaking-ray!

I celebrated my new found freedom on MONDAY by pouring a nice, big G&T for myself whilst cooking dinner. (I'd worked during the day and the girls were at school and nursery). Today my new Inky Huckster Be Kind banner from Southwood Stores also arrived. I totally love it!

On TUESDAY I ventured out for a bit of junk shop shopping (one of my favourite pastimes) and came home with a rather funny looking new cat ornament. Evie spotted it and we both felt a bit sorry for it so we decided to splash out (it only cost 50p!) and bring it home with us. I do love a bargain.

WEDNESDAY was a quiet day of housework and admin and food shopping.... We had lovely weather though, and the children enjoyed playing in the garden. Which inspired my activities on THURSDAY..... I worked in the morning and ended up having a child free afternoon, which I spent making two trips to the dump and getting stuck into some gardening! I wore a boob tube and shorts and caught the sun which was an added bonus. I think I'm the only grown up I know that gets excited when their freckles come out!

We kick started FRIDAY by dancing around the kitchen to Iggy Azalea before breakfast. Turns out I know ALL THE WORDS to Trouble, including Jennifer Hudson's warbley bits. The kids were not impressed. Today I also suffered my first seriously bad hair day since getting a fringe almost a year ago, which put me in a bad mood that was further heightened when the piano tuner came round and told me that the tuning block was cracked and it was basically a write off! After all the expense and hard work of lugging it from London to Haslemere!! I could have* cried.


It was a good job I had my neighbour coming over for wine after school to cheer me up..... plus I had quite possibly the hottest, deepest, bubbliest bath EVER, complete with two Elsa's, Catrine from Monster High AND Ariel to wind down in. Saucy.

I worked again on SATURDAY morning and we set off for London for the afternoon. The girls and I had fun going through lots of old clothes at my parents house, and I found myself trying on my Mum's wedding dress which I am TOTALLY wearing if I ever get married again! (It's 1970s Biba - LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!!!!) Daisy tried on my old school and brownie uniforms and everyone said she looked just like me when I was little.

On SUNDAY we got up at the crack of dawn (YES! I finally got my own back on my early rising babies when I dragged THEM out of bed at 5.30am!) and we set off on another road trip, this time to Essex for the christening of Alice from An Essex Wife's two daughters. It was a lovely day and the girls loved seeing their friends (as did I!). Thank you for inviting us, Alice xoxo

This week I have been:

listening to.... Vance Joy's album 'dream your life away'. All the freaking time. The track Winds of Change is a particular favourite. Siiiigghhhhhh.

wearing.... my new Wolf & Whistle dress! See above.

reading.... the itinerary for our trip to Disney World next month. Oh my! I think I might actually be more excited than the children. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom lodge and have some fantastic things planned. I'm feeling very lucky right now, and so happy I can give the girls such a brilliant treat as we come to the end of a pretty rough twelve months.

Linking up (as always!) with the lovely Hannah at Make Do & Push for #TWTWC.... see you over there!



  1. Firstly...that blue dress in the last photo is AMAZING! I want it.
    And I am another adult who gets excited at their freckles coming out! I know it's almost summer when I get them on my elbows and knees too xx

  2. You look so so pretty in both the amazing wedding dress and the blue dress!!!! Love the cat ornament!
    Sorry to hear about the piano :(

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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