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Monday, 8 June 2015

Dear Diary #18

What a week. WHAT A WEEK!

We've had a much needed absolutely super duper one, packed full of new clothes, new cars, new hair, train journeys, road trips and FOOD.

As usual, the week started off quiet, with me working on Monday.

Then Tuesday arrived, and with it came absolutely torrential rain. It was that horrible warm rain, where you need to wear waterproofs but doing so practically cooks you alive. Urgh.

Wednesday was heaps better in the weather stakes - the rain disappeared and out came the sunshine. My awesome new Mother t-shirt also arrived which made the day extra awesome. They're available from Selfish Mother, priced at £30 and come in a whole heap of different colour ways - mine is charcoal. The best bit is that all profits from sales of the Mother designs (that's £10 per tee!) go to Women for Women International, an amazing charity that helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. Go buy yours now!

Thursday was a big day for Mabel Meatball, as after getting all her jabs and being neutered, she finally ventured outside for the first time. I was a crazy cat lady and followed her around, of course, but she LOVED it. Next step is to get a cat flap fitted so she can come and go as she pleases. Sob!

Friday was a big day for ME! I only went and bought us girls a new (old) car!

The girls went to their Dad's after school so I had the day all to myself. It started after the morning school run with a train journey into London to look at said car. That was a treat on its own. Oh I miss living in London! I don't care what people say, public transport is NOT crap, and the price of living is NOT more expensive than living in bloody suburbia. When I changed trains I paid £3 for the biggest, most amazing organic coffee and a ginormous, delicious, flaky croissant. It's double that in cafes out here. I was pretty much in heaven, helped by the fact I love train rides by myself too. Watching the world whizz by, earphones in, coffee in hand......

The new car was great so I handed over the readies and after a quick stop off at my parents' house  I set off for home, picking up fish & chips for dinner on the way. Once back I cracked open a bottle of sauvignon blanc and hoovered up an entire large portion of cod, chips and mushy peas all by myself whilst watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix.

Still child free on Saturday morning, I got my hair coloured then once the girls and I were reunited we took the car for a spin down to the coast for dinner! We ate at the East Beach Cafe in Littlehampton which I would totally recommend if you're ever over that way. The girls had pasta and meatballs and I had scallops with bacon and cauliflower puree. The sun was shining and a breeze was blowing. After dinner we had a run around on the beach. It was a GOOD evening.

Yesterday was spent in Guildford. We had Sushi Sunday for the first time in ages, and went to Creams Cafe for ice cream for pudding. The girls were THRILLED to see Hello Kitty ice cream on the menu. I said I didn't think cat flavour ice cream would be very nice but they just rolled their eyes at me and told me it was strawberry and vanilla flavour, silly.

And here we are back to Monday again! How fast did that week go?!!


Linking up with TWTWC over at Make Do and Push as always - see you over there! xoxo

PS THIS is my song of the week. I rediscovered Radiohead's Pablo Honey album on Spotify and was instantly transported back to my youth. I had this album on cassette - CASSETTE!! That makes me old doesn't it? It's my birthday next week and I'm totally going to lie to everyone and say I'm 27. But anyway I digress.... listen and enjoy!



  1. Wow what a week of contrasts - weather wise and where you went. City to the beach in less that 7 days! Be careful of the cat little one spends ages tormenting the cat by flapping it up and down from the other side as the cat is trying to get in, constantly batting the cat on the face. The cat is stupid enough not to learn to step back a fraction and wait for H to get bored and move away. It's also very annoying for us as all you hear is repetitive sound. God luck with that one. :-) #TWTWC

  2. What an amazing week you've had!!! Your "you" time sounds fantastic and all the delicious food!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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