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Monday, 27 July 2015

Giddy Up! Playing Horses with Schleich

I'm a MASSIVE Schleich fan. For those that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, Schleich are a German company that have been making toy animals and figurines for imaginative play since the 1930s. They might not be cheap (although they are still perfectly affordable) but they last FOREVER. In actual fact, my girls play with some that I had as a child in the 80s which are still pristine, and they have been very well loved indeed over the decades!

We have all sorts of farm and zoo animals, and dinosaurs, from Schleich at home, and will often pick up a new one to add to our collection when we're at the toy shop or the garden centre. The single toys cost anything from a couple of pounds upwards and make great pocket money toys, and there are also small sets available which make really good birthday presents coming in at around the £10 mark.

Last week Daisy was sent some of the new Schleich horses and accessories to review and she was THRILLED. Firstly, horses are her favourite animals at the moment and secondly, she was lucky enough to be sent brand new breeds that she hasn't already got, as well as lots of  extra horsey paraphernalia!

With three more horses to add to their collection of eight (told you we love them!), their very first rider, a fly blanket and halter, a treat set, a saddle and bridle and a grooming set, the girls were set for hours of fun. These genuinely are Daisy's favourite toys at the moment; she loves all the tiny fiddly bits (she is massively into Lego and Sylvanian Families too) and, although Evie is a little under the recommended age (of 3) to play with them, I have no problem with her playing with the larger figures.

The girls love their Schleich toys for lots of reasons but I think the main one is because they are so realistic (they're actually hand painted). From a parent's point of view, they aren't made from cheap, nasty plastic - they're solid and pretty much indestructible!

Thank you to Schleich for sending us these lovely goodies; the stable and riding arena are now right at the top of Daisy's Christmas present list! xoxo


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