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Monday, 6 July 2015

Shoe Therapy: The Best Kind of Therapy

Turns out I'm a bit of a shoe person. Up until last year I would never have described myself as one; I spent my winters in brown knee high boots and my summers in flip flops and that was pretty much the extent of my shoe collection.

Then last Spring I discovered clogs and once I realised just how comfy they were to walk in I ended up buying a few different styles and brands..... and a similar thing happened with jellies in the Summer (the PERFECT festival shoe, don't you know.... I may or may not have bought five pairs) and then the Autumn came along and I rediscovered my love for ankle boots. And pirate boots. And high top trainers.

Basically, I realised that I love shoes. And I bought quite a lot.

The most recent addition to my shoe collection has been a pair of black studded suede loafers, which were gifted to me by Shoe Therapy. Described as 'the great looking shoe that works hard for you', all Shoe Therapy shoes have a patented inner sole and an ergonomically shaped heel that are basically MAGIC.

They stimulate tired and aching legs, minimising stress on the knee in the process, they improve circulation and cellulite and decrease the appearance of varicose veins, they relieve back and joint pains AND they correct your posture.

Aside from being scientifically proven to have all these health benefits, they are also comfortable, and supportive, and STYLISH. My loafers are made from buttery soft suede with the most awesome contrasting gold studding detail. They are perfect for the amount of walking I do (which is a lot - 5 miles a day on school runs alone) and look equally great teamed with a shirt dress or a pair of jeans and vest top.

Prices start at just £65 and there is currently a mega sale on xo

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