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Monday, 31 August 2015

A Great Day Out with The Collective

Every once in a while I'm fortunate enough to be introduced to a brand that I really genuinely do fall head over heels in love with. The Collective is one of these brands and I've been really lucky to have been asked to work with them on a number of campaigns since they launched their child friendly yoghurts last Spring.

Suckies are a range of portable yoghurt pouches designed for kids, which are perfect for lunch boxes or on-the-go snacks. Since being introduced to them we have included them in our food shop every single week without fail, so it's always a bit of a treat when we are sent a stash of freebies - and even more of a treat when they are accompanied by a kit of essentials for a great day out!

And that's just what happened earlier this month - The Collective sent us a cool bag stuffed full of pouches, along with colouring books and crayons, portable speakers, a portable phone charger (how I have lasted this long without one is beyond me, they are BRILLIANT!) and a t-shirt for Daisy (Evie already has one).

The girls and I love a good road trip and are forever nipping down to the coast for the day, or out for a walk in the hills or through the woods. If you're not a seasoned road tripper then planning for a great day out with children can be a tough job until you figure out the things your family specifically like and need. The Collective pretty much had us sussed out when they sent us our kit of essentials. I'd recommend things to keep the kids entertained while you're travelling, plenty of snacks for energy, more often than not a change of clothes and, particularly if you're a blogging mum with an obsession for taking photographs on your iPhone, then a portable charger is a must. 

This Summer we've ventured out to millions of places, including the Sussex coast, Wales, Legoland, London and Alice Holt woods, and our trusty kit has come with us every time. Thanks to The Collective for sending it to us, and for asking us to be a part of this, their latest campaign.xoxo

The Collective’s Suckies range are available in three delicious flavours: Sassy Strawberry, Peach & Apricot and Blueberry. They provide parents with the most convenient form of family snacking and can be eaten spoon-free, for minimum mess. Essentially, Suckies are a perfect and convenient addition to any planned family excursion and they can also be frozen and taken out of the freezer just before you head out of the house, allowing them to thaw and keep cool throughout the day!

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