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Friday, 28 August 2015

Riverford Recipe Boxes: A Review

Earlier this month, the lovely folk at Riverford sent us one of their organic recipe boxes to try. I think we've already established on this here blog that the girls and I loooooooove food. However I am not particularly good at cooking, despite my best efforts, and I don't have the time to pour over recipe books (yes, I know I buy them all the time but I just like to look at the pictures!).

Despite my lack of ability in the kitchen, I'm very passionate about eating well. I only ever buy good quality ingredients and I hate it when I find myself stuck in a rut, cooking the same meals over and over again. For this reason I really like the concept of recipe delivery services like the Riverford one, as they have brand new recipes every single week and you get to try out lots of dishes that you might not otherwise have discovered.

I've bought produce from Riverford in the past and have always been very impressed with their delivery service (our local drivers are lovely; hello Andy and Hayley!) and with their packaging. Virtually everything is compostable/recyclable which is very important to me.

There are three types of recipe boxes available; "quick", "vegetarian" and "original" all of which contain the exact ingredients for three meals for two people (the original is also available in a slightly smaller two meal size). This speeds the cooking process up massively as there's no need to weigh or measure things - plus, of course, there is absolutely no food waste (and we all know how much I hate food waste).

I chose the original box as the recipes for that current week looked amazing and, although we received our box the following week, the recipes were equally amazing. We were sent the ingredients to cook penne arrabiata, smokey quinoa stuffed peppers with feta & sugar snap peas and chicken & spinach biryani. I really liked the layout of the recipe cards and also the cook's notes which explained some ingredient choices and offered substitutions should you fancy or need to adapt the recipe a little.

The ingredients were all super fresh, seasonal and, of course, organic and the three meals were all different and delicious! Don't judge me but this was the very first time I have ever cooked quinoa and I will definitely be doing so again. The penne arrabiata was the biggest hit and we have already replicated the recipe twice since - the kids loved it, and it was SO easy to make.

As we had guests visiting and therefore five, rather than three, hungry mouths to feed, Riverford very kindly sent us three boxes. The portion sizes were huge so this was more than enough. A box for two would definitely feed me and the girls no problem, and at £39.95 for the three meal option I think that is a very reasonable price for produce of such high quality. For larger families though, I do think it would be nice to offer a slightly larger box, rather than them having to pay for two or more. That said, I will definitely be ordering another recipe box from Riverford and am looking forward to trying out the vegetarian and quick options in the future!

Thanks to Riverford for providing us with our recipe boxes and for asking us to be a part of this campaign.xoxo

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  1. This is such a great idea and the meals look lovely! x


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