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Monday, 24 August 2015

Visiting Legoland with 365 Tickets

Last week we visited Legoland Windsor as guests of 365Tickets, an online retailer of tickets for lots of the UK’s biggest and most popular attractions, sightseeing tours and exhibitions.

We've visited Legoland once before, two summers ago, when Daisy was just three and Evie was a newborn baby. We had a super day but Daisy wasn't a huge Lego fan back then. This time round both her and Evie couldn't be more Lego obsessed, and it made the day so much more special. We're already looking forward to going back!

We kick started our day at the StarWars exhibition. The girls and I aren't massive Star Wars fans - but they still enjoyed it and we spent a fair bit of time looking at all the intricately built characters and scenes.

Continuing on our journey through the park we contemplated going on the Vikings River Splash but the queues were far too long so we stopped off for a go on the Spinning Spider ride instead; Legoland's version of the spinning teacups, which we all really enjoyed. Then we stopped off for lunch at The Burger Kitchen.

Once we'd eaten, the girls used their newly found lunch-fuelled energy to have a run around at the Castaway Camp before spending their hard saved pocket money on personalised leather bracelets at a stall next to the Pirate Goldwash and then had a go on the Jolly Rocker.

We stopped for ice cream at the Legoland Castle before making our way to Heartlake City - which was the part of the day that the girls were most looking forward to. It's Legoland's newest attraction and (yes, I know I'm biased, being the mother of two HUGE Lego Friends fans) by FAR the best bit of the whole Theme Park!

Daisy and Evie spent a bit of time searching for each of the five Lego Friends characters so that they could have their photos taken with them, then we had a look in the Heartlake City Mall (cuddly toys were purchased) before settling down by the lake to watch the 'Lego Friends to the Rescue' live show. It was BRILLIANT. 

Thanks a million to 365Tickets for a brilliant day out; we will definitely be using you to book tickets in the future.xoxo 

If you're looking for a great discount on Legoland tickets, they are currently 40% off when booked through 365Tickets' secret offers section which launched earlier this month. You can find a complete list of the exclusive offers only available to people who have subscribed to the 365Tickets mailing list by browsing here.

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