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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Coombumbers, giant spiders + shopping

Happy Sunday people!

I'm writing this while I watch Downton Abbey and eat dry Coco Pops out of the box. LIVING THE DREAM!

We had a great day today. We had a lie in! Til 8am! I got rid of a giant (and I really do mean giant) spider all by myself! We went shopping! We had sushi for lunch! We watched our first Hallowe'en film of the season!

So 'what the freak are coombumbers?' I hear you say. Ask Evie! She has been cracking me and Daisy up with her ever expanding vocabulary. She says 'coombumber' for cucumber, which I think is the best thing EVER, and 'nutnink' for nothing.

'What did you have at snack time at nursery today, Evie?'
'Coombumber, red sticks [breadsticks], daddots [carrots] and meese [cheese].'
'Yum! Anything else?'
'No, nutnink.'


Onto the Traumatic Spider Incident, we had one of those horrible, giant house spiders in the bath when we got up this morning. Its body was ginormous - too big to even wash down the plug holes - and it had thick, hairy legs. Shudder. I thought long and hard about what to do about it. If you're my friend IRL you may have seen the plan hatching over on Facebook. I was given lots of tips for its disposal, some humane, some not. The problem was I couldn't even bring myself to get close to it. After a lot of psyching myself up I managed to get a glass over it (a PINT GLASS). Then after a brief sit down to get over the stress of being about 20cm away from it I went back and slid a piece of card underneath it and threw it out the stable door. ALL BY MYSELF! I will never venture out into the back garden ever again but, hey! I can have a shower!

We headed into Guildford today because I needed to take a couple of bits back. I'd ordered a denim shirt and a pair of brown Chelsea boots from Joules but neither were right. (FYI if you're considering buying this shirt from them, be warned there are polka dots on the collar and cuffs. Such a shame as it was the perfect colour, material and fit - but I am not a fan of polka dots on clothes. Ick).

Of course, while we were there we had to go to Yo! Sushi for lunch and the girls impressed (and almost bankrupted) me, eating about 25 million dishes each. They tried loads of new ones today and ate every single morsel. I tried the new 'Blossom rolls' too which are officially my new favourite thing on the menu (crunchy prawn rolls with spicy tuna topping and sweet, sticky soy sauce - oh my!).

On our way back to the car I was dragged into an ice cream parlour to get the girls some pudding. I agreed on the condition I could take this photo:

(TOTALLY worth the £8 I spent, PLUS I got to treat myself to this:)

Back home we watched Double Double Toil & Trouble (Olsen twins, 1993, BRILLIANT), at least the girls did while I caught glimpses of it whilst being preoccupied doing a spot of Internet shopping. Daisy presented me with the first draft of her Christmas list on Friday, and it was no less than three sides of A4 long. Admittedly she does have pretty big handwriting but still.

I managed to nab the Frozen lego castle for £25 from Tesco (it's usually £35, so a bit of a bargain) and also ordered the girls personalised mugs from Emma Bridgewater. I may have also bought myself  a new diary and address book. This is going to be the first year since 1999 I haven't used my battered old filofax! I have mixed emotions about it. It's seen better days thats for sure BUT IT'S MY BATTERED OLD FILOFAX! Also, I wanted to buy some DMs but I'm 35. What are peoples' thoughts on this?

Of course no great day is complete without a great soundtrack. Today we mostly listened to Taylor Swift (standard) and Gregory Alan Isakov. I'll leave you with this beaut of a song. Over and out.


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