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Monday, 28 September 2015

Daily Outfit ♥ Right as Rain

If you want good weather, get me to buy a REALLY nice coat that I will be desperate to wear. Every.single.time I get a new coat the sun comes out and I don't get a chance to wear it for months. And that's exactly what happened when Joules sent me a new 100% waterproof coat as part of their Right as Rain campaign.

I chose the Storm Waterproof Parka in navy. I'd actually been eyeing this up online the week before, as I wanted something warm and waterproof for the school runs. This particular design is longer than average, and is PU coated with taped seams to ensure it is 100% waterproof. It also has a half fleece lining to make it warmer than your average rain mac - and I ordered a size bigger than I usually wear so that I will be able to layer up underneath it when the winter hits!

You'll be seeing lots more of this coat in my AW15 outfit posts, thats a sure thing!

Waterproof parka, £129 - c/o Joules
Jumper with shirt collar, £12 - Primark
Leggings, £16 - Boden
Riding boots - TopShop (similar here from Dune)
Sunglasses, £153 - retrosuperfuture

Edit 6th October 2013: I thought I'd come back to this post now that Britain has reached that lovely point in the year when the temperature has dropped a little and the weather likes to surprise us with torrential rain storms when we're least expecting it....

Today was one of those lovely days. Luckily it was chilly this morning so my beloved parka got worn on the school run (now would be the perfect time to let you all know that it really is VERY cosy). About three minutes into our fifty minute walk to school (two separate drop offs, then home), the heavens opened and we all got a soaking. Well I say that, but in actual fact we didn't at all. The girls were waterproofed up to the max any way (I am SUCH a British mum; always prepared for all eventualities) and I just had to zip up my coat and put my hood up and I can confirm I was drier than the sahara desert by the time I'd got back home (apart from the bottom of my legs which weren't covered and got splashed by no less than FOUR cars driving through puddles, grrrrrr).

Even better, I hung my coat up indoors and it was perfectly dry again within half an hour (there is nothing worse than having to put on a soggy coat if you're headed out on another excursion).

So there you have it; I am more than a little bit in love with my Storm Parka! View the whole collection of coats and jackets from Joules here, there really is something for everyone! xo



  1. Fab coat Katy! It'll be just right as the weather gets colder and looks cool too! Marguerite xxx

  2. I am so loving this coat! I need myself a new joules coat this winter!!

  3. Looks great! I bought this coat for our school runs and I'm loving it so far!

  4. Cool coat!! I need a new one so will take a look at joules xx


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