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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dear Diary #19

Sunshine AND muddy puddles at Cowdray Park

I know, I know, I've been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my 'weekly' diary entries. When was my last post? *dashes off to check* 30th June! Ooops.

Well we had a lovely week last week - but then it's bound to be awesome when it starts off with a fancy lunch at Villandry on Great Portland Street with two of your favourite people (I'm talking about you Alice and Ruth!) We met up with Tony Anscombe and the team at AVG to discuss child internet safety issues over some truly delicious food (the baked cod! Oh my!) and a glass of wine or two. If you're ever in the area I would totally recommend this restaurant - and we subsequently discovered that they do an all-you-can-drink prosecco lunch too (we are TOTALLY going back!). 

Mid week I got to help out on Daisy's school trip to Marwell Zoo, which was a really lovely treat for both of us. Being a working, single mum means I don't get many opportunities to help out at Daisy's school or Evie's nursery like lots of the other parents do and that makes me sad. We had such a fun day, and Evie got to spend some time with her dad too.

On Saturday we were invited up to London for an absolutely wonderful party to celebrate the launch of the new McDonald's Happy Readers campaign. This year, McDonalds will be bringing the extraordinary world of Roald Dahl to life for millions of children through an absolutely awesome partnership! Together with National Literacy Trust, Penguin Random House Children's UK and the Roald Dahl Literary Estate, they plan to distribute 14million books to kids across the UK over the next six weeks with their Happy Meals, and have also developed a free app to provide sound effects when reading these books aloud.

I grew up reading Roald Dahl and love his stories and his characters so much. I am so excited about this project; I think it's just wonderful that McDonalds are giving so many children the opportunity to read his books too.

The girls had a blast at the party, having their faces painted and getting tattoos, colouring in and listening to some superb interactive story telling!

We rounded the week off with a Sunday spent eating ice cream (the girls) drinking coffee (me) splashing in muddy puddles (the girls again) and picking blackberries (all of us) at Cowdray Park - one of our favourite places to visit locally. The sun was shining and lots of people were out enjoying the end of Summer. It reminded me of the Autumn bucket list we created last year, which I plan to revisit over the next couple of months. Bring on the smores and woolly hats.

One thing we did miss out on this week was the LittleLife Scootathlon but we heard it was a blast. Well done to all the children that took part!

PS THIS is my ear worm of the week. Youth by Fronteers. Gosh their fresh, stubble free faces make me feel old *insert weeping emoji here* but this song is totally awesome and I can't get enough of it.


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