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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

If I went on Mastermind, my specialist subject would be Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig has seen me through some dark days. She really has been a good friend to me over the years; babysitting when I've felt under the weather or when we've had ridiculously early starts to contend with, helping me to encourage the girls to eat (using branded cutlery and crockery), sleep (pyjamas) and get dressed for nursery. She is a lovely little character and I can totally see why kiddos all over the world adore her and her cartoons so much.

We already have a huge collection of Peppa toys, some of which were bought new for Evie, but the majority of which are three year old hand-me-downs from when Daisy was little. I love them for this reason; they are very well made and robust, and they are timeless, so they can be played with year after year! Last week we got sent a selection of new toys from the Once upon a Time range to review; the Story Time Tea Set, the Pumpkin Carriage, the Story Time castle playset and a selection of characters to add to the mix too.

The tea set is very cute. It includes no less than three characters which are dressed as Little Bow Peep, a fairy and a king. I like this little detail a lot - we have quite a few Peppas and Georges as they seem to come with most of the toy sets, but they are all identical (and plain). The tea set also comes with a table, three chairs, a teapot and jelly! - lots of things to help encourage imaginative play amongst littlies. The pumpkin carriage is probably my favourite; the seats spin round as you push it along which is lots of fun! George comes dressed as a footman too. Lastly, is the Jack and the Beanstalk style castle which has a drawbridge that you can raise and lower, depending on who you want to let in!

These toys are brilliant and have kept Evie entertained for ages. She was also especially delighted to get a Candy Cat as that was the only character we hadn't already got one of!

Aside from the durability, I love that these toys are great for both girls and boys. Its always nice to have gender neutral toys around - in case you want to hand them down to a child of the opposite sex, or just to have at home for when friends bring their kids over. EVERYONE loves Peppa Pig!

You can buy all three sets direct from Character Online and other retailers. We were sent these sets in exchange for an honest review xo

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