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Friday, 6 November 2015

My Top Tips for Keeping Cosy on Cold, Dark Evenings

Photo Credit: Carpetright

I know you will most likely think I'm a bit of an odd-ball but I love this time of year when the clocks go back and the evenings start drawing in.

Of course, like lots of us, I love the beautiful colours of autumn, and the little drop in temperature that means we're able to wear tights and boots, and coats. But I also love getting in from the afternoon school run at 3.45pm knowing that its about to start getting dark and chilly, and us all putting on our big cardigans and slippers and battening down the hatches for the night. We put all the twinkly lights and table lamps on - and the heating if its cold enough - and relax after a long day at work or school.

Recently Carpetright contacted me to talk about cosy interiors, and after our conversation I thought I'd share are my top tips for keeping snug at home in the winter!

1. Layer up
I'm a bit of an old skinflint when it comes to turning the heating on. I do do it, of course, but not if we're only cold because we're all gallivanting around the house in vests and shorts! Cardigans and thick socks come on first! Nothing beats being all snuggled up on the sofa in comfy clothes and blankets, and I think it feels even cosier when the temperature of the room isn't tropical too ;)

2. Close the curtains and dim the lights
I hate harsh bright lights in the evenings, they keep you awake and in my case I feel as if they make my brain keep buzzing with things I need to do/remember/ideas I have, when sometimes I just want to switch it off. So as soon as it starts getting dark, and we want to unwind, all the main room lights go out and the softer lamps go on. We also have twinkly fairy lights dotted around the house which really add to the ambience, and once the kids are in bed I'm a big fan of candlelight! I also like to close all the curtains - not only does it keep the rest of the world out, it keeps draughts at bay too.

3. Accessorise your rooms for the season
I am a lover of THINGS. I like things everywhere! In the spring and summer I do tend to go for a slightly more minimalist approach (by 'minimalist' I mean I reduce the clutter by about 30% - there is still plenty of it!), but in autumn and winter I bring out lots more scatter cushions and the rug for the hardwood living room floor. I think soft furnishings in particular make a room much more cosy.

Photo Credit: Carpetright

If I were rich and had a bigger house I would absolutely love a snug - a small, dimly lit little room away from the hustle and bustle of the main living rooms, which I would decorate in dark, warm tones, with a big cosy sofa, heavy black out curtains and a thick carpet underfoot. I think it's the weather at the moment that's made me obsess over the idea of a snug a bit. Take a look at my Dream Home board on Pinterest if you're looking for a little more interiors inspiration.xoxo


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  1. Oh a snug! Wouldn't that be lovely. Reminds me of the Boatman pub in Four Weddings. xxxx


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