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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

New Favourite Bobble Hat Klaxon!

My love for bobble hats knows no bounds. I have way, way, WAY too many. I keep trying to have a cull but it never works and, if anything, inspires me to buy more.... in different colour ways.... with different sized bobbles.... or to complete the set, with matching gloves and scarves.

Hats are awesome accessories for lots of reasons; they are practical (they keep your head and ears warm), I think a little bobble makes you look happy and approachable (handy for someone with resting bitch face like myself) AND they hide terrible hair which is an affliction I suffer from most days.

Anyhoo, ALERT! ALERT! I have a new one!

The latest addition to my collection is this classic beauty courtesy of Wool Overs. It actually came from the men's accessories department - which is the other great thing about bobble hats - the vast majority are unisex, meaning double the choice! In fact I prefer buying mens styles as they are usually that little bit bigger, and I like mine slouchy.

This particular one is made from 100% British wool (yay!) and in a gorgeous aran cable knit. There are six colours to choose from, they are also available in a set including wrist warmers and a scarf (which I was sent) AND the sets are currently in the sale at just £50 which is a great offer bearing in mind the hats, wrist warmers and scarves retail at £25, £15 and £25 respectively. They are really beautifully made and very cosy indeed and I was so pleased with my set that I've actually gone on to buy two more for different members of my family for Christmas which is ALWAYS a good sign.

What do you think of bobble hats? Do you wear them, or do you think they're just for kiddos? xo



  1. I do love a good bobble hat, I am currently rocking a beanie but this post has got me googling bobble hats.

  2. You cutesy girl! I love my bobble hat too but I think I just look like a twonk in it! :-)x


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