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Friday, 18 March 2016

How to Add a bit of Green to your Home

I'm really conscious of doing my bit for the environment and and am of the belief that we should all be considering ways of adding more green to our homes. If you’ve been thinking about going green too, then here are a few options for you to ponder over: 

Swap the bulbs 
If you still use those ancient lightbulbs, and haven't yet swapped over to energy efficient ones simply because you hate waiting for them to warm up (I was so guilty of this up until a year ago!) then bite the bullet and get down to your local DIY store or supermarket and pick some up now. Not only are they better for the environment, they will also save you money on your electricity bill in the long run - and once you've made the switch to all the bulbs in your house you won't notice the difference. 

Create a windowsill planter 
Kitchen windows are great spaces for windowsill planters that enjoy soaking up all the light and can either be put together to create a colourful display with sunshine loving plants - like sunflowers, pansies and chrysanthemum – or with fresh herbs that you can prune and grow and use for meals. Growing your own herbs is a great way of being a little greener and self sufficient. Plants last longer than cut flowers, so long as you look after them of course. 

Go tall 
Plants such as Dracaena, Yucca and Scindapsus are all great for creating a striking effect in your home and adding green to a space and cleaning the air – sells all of these varieties for affordable prices. 

If you have more of a ‘brown thumb’ than ‘green fingers’ then perhaps air plants are a good starting point. These little guys are very difficult to kill and literally need just a spritz of water every week. You can keep them in terrariums or in pretty plant pots on the sideboards. They don’t require soil so there’s no mess and you can move them around a room easily. They can also help to purify the air and are super affordable. Really, they’re the best option. 

Cut out the toxic cleaners 
Instead of picking up the nearest bottle of bleach, try alternatives that aren’t full of poisonous chemicals, which are not only toxic to you but the environment too. You’d be amazed what you can achieve with some white vinegar, baking soda and some scrubbing. Here are some alternatives to regular household cleaners that you can make using the contents of your kitchen cupboards. 

Invest in microfibre cloths
Sure, kitchen roll is convenient, easy to quickly use and throw away but microfibre cloths are a much better alternative. Not only are they designed to pick up as much dirt as possible they can be put through the wash and minimise the amount of rubbish you’re throwing out. 

Creating a greener home is really easy; you just need to make a few simple changes and introduce some easy to care for plants to your indoor space. Try out some of these options today and see if you feel better for it! 


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