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Saturday, 9 April 2016

6 Stag and Hen Ideas for 2017

Stag and hen parties have been happening throughout history in one form or another. Nowadays, they’re typically associated with heavy drinking, raucous crowds and an entertainer in various states of undress - but your party doesn’t have to be quite so predictable…

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For the Hens

1. A Silver Send Off
You’ll bag yourself some new accessories and enjoy a good catch up with the girls at the London Jewellery School. They offer a ‘Silver Send Off’ private class for hens and the bride, lasting for three hours in central London: materials are included, and each hen gets to make a piece to wear on the big day, as well as creating a keepsake charm to go on the bride’s bracelet for luck. But don’t worry if you turn out to be all fingers and thumbs… you can buy beautiful diamond earrings online to dazzle in the sunshine and glisten by candlelight on the day of the wedding!

2. Glamping in the countryside
Are you a country loving girl but hate the idea of roughing it in a sleeping bag? You should consider glamping! Book yourself into glamorous accommodation set within rolling hills and lush woodlands – many come with hot showers, log burning stoves, proper beds and optional catering. You’ll enjoy a group stroll in your wellies, dinner by the fire and a good gossip over a bottle of champagne with the girls!

3. A girl’s night in 
Is there anything more nostalgic than those sleepovers you had with your best friend when you were little? You know, those ones with the midnight feasts, tubs of ice cream and a movie on DVD… well, you can recreate it for your hen do, and is an especially practical option for cash-strapped bridal parties. Get together for a manicure by booking a professional to come over, break out the chick flicks and dig into steaming bowls of pop corn!

For the Stags

1. It’s a Knockout!
Action men (or straight up fun loving stags) will enjoy this replica version of the hit TV show – with an obstacle course, gallons of water, plenty of foam and a whole load of ridiculous costumes, you’re bound to enjoy the day! If you’ve ever found yourself chuckling at the telly while watching a programme like this, or thought you’d do a better job of it than the contestants, put your money where you mouth is and sign yourself up…

2. A laid back day in a classy location
Are you a quieter, less ‘centre stage’ stag than some of the blokes you hear about?
If so, the idea of nightclubs and fancy dress might send you into a minor panic. Bypass the stereotypical stag do and head to somewhere like Cambridge instead: stags and their friends can hire punting boats or be taken on a tour by professionals, devour a platter of steaks, hot wings and burgers in the city’s many restaurants, and then take a leisurely amble from pub to pub as it strikes your fancy. Perfect!

3. Tank Driving

Ever watched those World War 2 films and wondered what it would be like to drive a tank? Well, take your stag party and head to woodland on the outskirts of Leeds to find out! You’ll be surprised how quickly these massive vehicles travel at maximum speed and get to benefit from the expertise of professional experienced marshals. Each tank is equipped with paintballs, so master the skid steer system and fire away!


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