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Friday, 10 June 2016

Educational Play the Schleich Way

The girls and I love Schleich toy animals and figurines. I've talked about why we love them so much on here before; they are absolutely brilliant quality (we have some from my eighties childhood that are still in an immaculate condition, despite decades of play) and they are super realistic, which makes them all the more special to the girls. Being made from solid plastic, they are lovely and chunky and easy to hold, plus they can be taken outside, or in the bath - they aren't just restricted to the play room.

The girls' collection is continually growing and Schleich are always introducing new single figurines and sets to the range. Last year we worked with them as they launched their new horse and accessories collection, which was a particular hit with Daisy who enjoyed learning about all the paraphernalia associated with looking after a horse and the riding itself!

The Schleich brand really encourages educational play, and this month they have released a 16-page brochure jam packed full of ways for you to help your children's development whilst having fun. With tips on how to get the most out of your child's playtime and ideas for games that work on early language skills, socialising, messy play (and more) it's actually really good and really useful. All it's suggestions are free and only a couple of Schleich toys and a little bit of imagination are required! I'm an avid believer that young children learn best through play. There is just so much to be said for relaxed, fun learning - whether that's in an active, creative or social sense, or entirely free play. Children take in so much more when they are enjoying themselves.

Schleich toys start at just £2.99 and are available online here, or at Smyths Toy Store if you fancy a real life browse. Click the link here, or on my side bar, to download a free copy of the educational play brochure!


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