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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Co-parenting, Vintage Cat Photos + Five Favourites: the Anthropologie Edition

Last week my babies went away with their dad for five nights. It was the longest we've ever been apart and, I'm not going to lie, it was awful. Despite doing this whole co-parenting thing for two years now, I still can't bear to wave them off for any more than a few hours. I spent my first child free evening alone at home, drinking wine, crying and drunkenly bidding on vintage cat photos* on eBay. The following morning, thanks to lots of you over on Instagram, I managed to man up, plan a Friday night out with the lay-deeees and then the rest of the weekend was lost in a blur of garden blitzing (more on that in another post).

On Tuesday we had our big reunion, and to celebrate their homecoming, I said we would do whatever the girls wanted the following day. They opted for a trip to Guildford (our nearest city) to buy Nerds from the American sweet shop ;) - who was I to say no?

Now I can't make a forty mile round trip to Guildford without dropping into my beloved Anthropologie, even if I do find myself shouting "don't touch that!" and "stop running around, you'll knock someone or something over!" every thirty seconds....

Today, everything that caught my eye seemed to have a monogrammed theme so I thought I'd put together a little Five Favourites section to add to this post. How gorgeous are all of these?

Clockwise from top left:
Equestrian monogram hooks, £24 each // Gilded glass, £24 // Necklace, £36 // Trinket dish, £10 // Decorative letter, £20

*Back to the vintage cat photos - bit spooky but it turns out I already (kind of) know the lady in one of my (many!) drunken purchases on Thursday night.

Same house, same windowsill - it's the same lady isn't it? If not then they must be sisters, or mother and daughter! Either way, what a coincidence that both photos ended up with me!



  1. Spooky cat lady deffo looks like the same one.

  2. Why is it you can now only buy nerds in retro sweet shops?! Have to say the cat lady does look like the same person in both pictures - what are the chances!


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