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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Health + Safety Gone Mad? #WeirdRules

Recently health and safety warnings seem to have gone a little crazy. From coffee cups marked with 'contents may be hot' to jars of peanut butter that 'may contain traces of nuts', do companies really think we're daft enough to need the obvious pointed out?!

Sheilds, one of the world's largest health and safety trainers, have put together this infographic which really made me giggle; I mean, birthday candles being deemed a fire risk and banned? Monkey bars being declared too dangerous for kids to climb and play on? Of course, as a mother, I want to keep my children safe but I also want them to develop common sense and to be able to use it!

I asked some of my friends about the silly warnings they'd come across and here are a couple of their gems:

Danielle from Blog by Baby was given incredibly detailed instructions on how to use a rubber bath mat when she stayed at a hotel recently. In case any of you want (or need, ha!) to know: "Wet the surface of your bath.... press firmly down on the suckers to ensure adherence to the surface.... Check that the mat is secured firmly before use.... When stepping into the bath, always step onto the centre of the mat."

Vicki from Cake Escapes bought her daughter some play dough that came with this warning: "Although this dough is made from safe and non-toxic material.... please do not eat it all the time."

Jacqui from Mummy's Little Monkey had a top that came with the warning "Do not iron while child is still wearing."


I mean, REALLY! What are your thoughts on the different health and safety warnings you've seen out and about? Are they necessary or over the top?


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