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Thursday, 1 September 2016

BeWILDerwood, Norfolk: A Review

My kids are at their happiest when they're outdoors - cart wheeling across fields, rolling down hills, climbing trees, looking for creatures in ponds and rock pools, playing in the mud and building dens in the woods - which means we have OFFICIALLY found their favourite place in the whole entire world now that we've been to BeWILDerwood in Norfolk!

On Wednesday, while we were visiting our good pals, the RocknRoller Baby family, we packed up our cars and set off for Hoveton, which is about half an hour north east of Norwich.

BeWILDerwood is an outdoor adventure park, based on the books of childrens' author, Tom Blofeld. His stories are about make believe characters called Boggles and Twiggles that live in the marshes and the trees - and you can see evidence of them all around the park, from little houses and doorways in amongst the woodland to a real life crocklebog in the Scaaaaaary Lake!

The park is full of zip wires and tree houses and giant slides and mazes and tunnels and rickety bridges up high in the sky. The girls were in their ELEMENT. As if all that running around and climbing and throwing themselves down vertical drops (well, almost ;)) wasn't enough, there were also ACTIVITIES! Story telling and parades and arts and crafts and den building. The girls loved every single bit of it. Getting them (and the RocknRoller babies!) to stop for lunch was hard work ;)

We took our own picnic and sat at one of the many tables dotted around the park - but there were three cafes to choose from, all serving really reasonably priced meals and snacks. We had mid-afternoon ice creams and cold drinks which only came to £7.50 for five! How good is that?!

After more than five hours of BeWILDerwood fun, Ruth and I had four of the grubbiest children I've ever seen. They were also the happiest I've ever seen! Seriously, they loved every second of our day, as did I, and we're all totally gutted that we haven't got something similar in our neck of the woods.

A heart shape in the trees!
We ended our day with a boat trip on the Scaaaaary Lake, which was heaps of fun, and saved all our knackered legs the walk back to the entrance. The boat dropped us off right by the gift shop and the girls spent their pocket money on cuddly crocklebogs and decorative fairies. I wanted to buy a felt flower fairy hat but my children pointed out that I looked like a bit of a douchebag in it ;)

We had such a fantastic time and I absolutely 150% would buy an annual pass if we didn't live four hours away! Ruth and the kids are so lucky to have a place like this on their doorstep.

Look at these saaaaad faces when the time came to say goodbye! They had such a great day; I really did have to use all my best bribery tactics motherly charms to get them into the car! There were definitely tears (mostly mine).

(ps. KIDDING! There were't really tears, although if we'd been allowed to stay any longer and the kids had been any more tired I think there might have been. They were sad to go, yes, but we will totally be back and they're already excited about that!)

Ticket prices are dependent on height and start at £13.50. We were given complimentary entry for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and images are my own. Please don't use them without my permission.

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