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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Partying with #PuppyInMyPocket

Yesterday we took part in the UKMumsTV Puppy in my Pocket Twitter Party, which meant the girls got to invite some of their friends round for a real life party, and the good folk of Twitter got to join in online too!

We were sent all the bits and pieces needed to host the perfect do; games, prizes, party bags, CAKE, toys and blind bags, all Puppy in my Pocket themed, of course, which made the girls' days - as Puppy in my Pocket blind bags are the pocket money toy du jour right now.

We kick started our afternoon with a few games of 'snap' and 'pairs', before stopping for pizza and veggies. Then we had fun colouring and doing word searches before moving onto the important bit.... playing with the toys! We had been sent the Puppy Play Park and Pretty Pet Palace (as well as lots of blind bags which, along with the rest of the population under the age of 8, our party goers LOVED). Both the park and the palace are lots of fun and, although pretty large toys, they fold away so are easy to store (mega mum points). They come with two exclusive puppies to add to your collection too!

All too quickly it was time to go home, but we sent our guests off with a party bag jam packed full of goodies and a cupcake to keep them happy. And the girls were extra happy as they got to carry on playing with their new favourite toys!

The whole range of Puppy (and Kitty!) in my Pocket toys are brilliant - and available from Flair Plc here. If you love Puppy in my Pocket, you'll also love their new animated bite-size video series which is coming to YouTube in October! We can't wait.xo


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