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Friday, 25 November 2016

Introducing Thinkway Toys + Win a Star Wars™ R2D2

Until this year, I'd never watched a Star Wars film. Yes really! People are gobsmacked when I tell them that I made it to the ripe old age of 35 without seeing one and, to be honest, I was pretty gobsmacked that I'd made it that far too.

I'd wanted to start watching them for a looooooooong time before I eventually got round to it, but was given conflicting advice from my Star Wars obsessed friends so held off. Some said to watch them in the order they were released, others said to watch them in chronological order - and it turns out this is a topic that is highly debated by fans everywhere!

In the end, the girls and I watched our first film together, and we opted for The Empire Strikes back which was the second in the series and the one that came most highly recommended. I knew that I'd recognise some of the characters but was pretty surprised that the girls (who are only four and seven) recognised them too. Their cousins and their two best friends are all Star Wars mad, so they had already played Star Wars games with them, but once they watched the film for themselves, they girl crushed over Princess Leia (as did I), they fell in love with R2D2, Yoda and Chewbacca and the rest, as they say, is history: I now have two Star Wars obsessed daughters and am a pretty big fan myself!

There have been plenty of toys released over the years, but none quite as awesome as the new BB8 and R2D2 from Thinkway Toys, if you ask me.

Daisy and Evie's lucky friends have both of these toys and, since playing with them, they are beyond desperate to get their very own. I have to admit, I wouldn't mind if Father Christmas were to bring them as presents this year either; they really are seriously cool and would look right at home in our living room ;)

Daisy took a particular shine to the U-Command interactive BB8. Although we haven't watched The Force Awakens yet there really is something pretty cute about him! He is huge (40cm!), and comes with a dual-joystick infrared remote control so you can command him to move in all directions. He also speaks (he has a voice activated feature that allows you to interact with him via a built in microphone) and has different moods!

And, just as she fell for the character in the film, Evie rather liked her friends R2D2 - an awesome remote controlled droid that responds to pre-programmed instructions, has original movie sound effects, a special projection facility and over 1000 action combos!

And that leads me nicely onto my giveaway. Yes, I'm super excited to announce that I have an interactive R2-D2 to give away to one lucky reader!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to UK residents only, it closes on 2nd December, and the winner will be announced and contacted shortly after.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lastly, but by no means least, together with Thinkway Toys and some other brilliant bloggers, I'll be hosting a Twitter party on Wednesday 30th November, from 1-2.30pm.

Check out this advert beforehand, and then join in the chat by following the #ImAThinkingToy hashtag for a chance to win Toys R Us vouchers (which will come in pretty handy at his time of year!).

See you all there!


Thursday, 24 November 2016

*NEWSFLASH* Camp Bestival 2017 Theme Announced!

And it's a GOOD'UN!

The theme for Camp Bestival 2017 is....... drumroll please......


This year is Camp Bestival's tenth anniversary, which means the party is going to be bigger and better than ever before! As always it will be set in the beautiful grounds of Lulworth Castle and this year it will run from 27th to 30th July.

Rob da Bank's quote to the press literally cracked me up:

“Who hasn’t dreamed about busting a move like James Brown, getting into spandex like Kylie, glittering up like Ziggy Stardust or going a bit more sensible like Blur? Well, its time to get into the dressing up box, be a bit brave and get ready for Camp Bestival 2017… now where’s my meat dress?!”

It's the perfect chance to celebrate your musical heroes and I literally CANNOT WAIT to dress those poor kids of mine up next Summer! (and myself, of course).

Read all about our past Camp Bestivals here, here, here and here - and you can book your tickets for 2017 here!


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Festive Treats from Biscuiteers

Last year I was introduced to the wonderful London based biscuit makers and icers, Biscuiteers.

I can honestly tell you that Biscuiteers are purveyors of THE FINEST BISCUITS IN ALL THE LAND. I have no idea what their secret ingredient is (there must be one) but even the fanciest of other fancy biscuits don't come close to being as tasty as these, plus they are utterly beautiful to look at and they're presented so perfectly too.

Not only do they make delicious biscuits (and chocolates, and cakes, and edible Christmas cards and tree decorations), they are also an incredibly lovely bunch of people as they very kindly sent me my first Christmas present of 2017 - their Vintage Christmas tin of biscuits.

This is a brand new collection that has been added to their Christmas range for this year, and the biscuits are inspired by gorgeous vintage toys, decorations and presents. I'm in love with the gold, blue and red theme!

You get sixteen generously sized biscuits in a tin so these really would make a lovely shared gift for a family.... or you could buy them for yourself, offer your kids one each and then, if you're me, hide the rest in the larder and eat them sneakily on your own!

Evie knew that she wanted the sparkly gold Christmas tree biscuit as soon as we opened the box, so was straight in there as soon as we'd finished photographing them! (I was a bit more tactical and went for the Christmas tree decoration as it was the biggest ;))

Thanks to Biscuiteers for sending us this tin! You can buy a tin of your own here for £42.50 (plus if you sign up for their newsletter you can get £5 off your first order!).

Wishing you all the happiest of happy Christmases xx


House Tour: My Walls!

This might seem like a bit of a bizarre part of the house to share with you, but recently I worked with Swedish company, Desenio, who sell super cool art prints and frames at really, really reasonable prices (I'm talking better-than-IKEA-reasonable prices, yes really) and they've helped me transform our hallway into a pretty awesome gallery that I couldn't resist sharing... along with some other rooms in our house.

Now I love a bit of clutter in the home; I think quirky little nick nacks here and there really give a place personality, and if you visited my house it would be instantly apparent that my love of 'clutter' extends to the walls too. Mine are covered with paintings and photos and canvases and prints that I've collected over the years. I've been through phases of buying expensive originals and limited edition prints, and then buying cheaper pieces of artwork too - but I've only ever bought items I've fallen head over heels in love with and that really mean something to me, so every picture on my wall is special and has a bit of a story behind it. I love that.

Although I never go for mass produced artwork, I am guilty of buying cheap frames and have always gone to IKEA for these in the past. But now I've genuinely discovered a place that sells much better quality frames at much better prices and with free delivery to boot (so long as you spend over £29). On top of that, they also sell some pretty rad prints and mounts, and they very kindly sent me some for the cottage. These are the ones that I chose:

50x70cm vintage map print, mount + 70x100cm gold frame - all Desenio, total price: £58.25 
The Kids Are All Right print from This Modern Life, IKEA frame
Lovegrove limited edition print from Burp Boutique, mounted + framed by the Haslemere Framing Co
Miiauu print by Michelle Carlslund from Etsy, oak frame  £16.91 from Desenio
50x70cm New York poster + frame - both Desenio, total price: £32.90
'Diana' by Ashley Goldberg from Etsy, IKEA frame

50x50cm anchor illustration + frame, both Desenio, total price: £26.95

I also picked out a couple for the girls rooms:

50x70cm horse poster £18.49 from Desenio, frame IKEA
50x70cm 'hi' typography print £15.99 from Desenio, frame IKEA

30x40cm Sweet Dreams fox illustration + copper frame, both Desenio, total price: £18.48

Fur + Glasses cat print by Audrey Jeanne from The Kid Who, frame IKEA
50x70cm pink clouds poster, £15.99 from Desenio, frame IKEA

I was seriously impressed by the quality of the items I received from Desenio - their posters are printed on 200g uncoated, FSC-certified and age resistant paper with a matt finish, and their frames (which are available with plexiglass or real glass - I chose plexi in every case as they weigh a bit lighter) are really sturdy and such good value. As a testament to how happy I was with my prints and frames, I've since been back to buy more - including a duplicate of the giant vintage map, mount and frame combo as a Christmas present for someone who saw mine and fell in love with it!

Thanks so much to Desenio for making the walls of our house look pretty - I'm so glad to have discovered you!

ps Here's a sneak peak of the walls in our front room, which are equally covered in pictures. Full room tour coming up soon.

We were given store credit to purchase items for the purpose of this post. All words are honest and my own. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

'Twas the Night before Christmas..... Our Festive Traditions #MyWhiteChristmas

There's absolutely no doubt about it; Christmas is my favourite time of year. As soon as we've finished celebrating the girls' birthdays at the beginning of November I'm fully ready to embrace all things festive - and that way we get to stretch the season out for as long as we possibly can.

There are loads of reasons why I love this time of year so much. There's the obvious ones, like getting to spend time with friends and family, eating excessive amounts of cheese on a daily basis (I'm usually dairy free) and the fact it's completely acceptable to drink alcohol in the afternoon on any day in December..... but then there's the not so obvious ones too, like how ridiculously happy the multicoloured decorative tat that fills all the rooms in our house makes me, being able to listen to Christmas music 24/7 without anyone moaning and enjoying all the little family traditions that we've started over the years.

My favourite traditions are our Christmas Eve ones.

We have a little ritual.... after dinner we head outside with our neighbours and sprinkle reindeer food (glittery oats) in the garden and then, every year without fail, when we go back inside THE ELVES HAVE LEFT THE GIRLS A SPECIAL PARCEL UNDERNEATH THE CHRISTMAS TREE! It always contains new pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown which have to be extra comfy and cosy as they then get worn for about eighteen hours solid (we don't usually get dressed until lunchtime on Christmas Day... that's a whole other annual tradition that I love, love, love!).

Bedtime then involves a special Christmassy story, before the girls leave a mince pie and glass of wine out for Father Christmas and hang their stockings at the foot of their beds. Then begins the annual three hour marathon of me shouting 'Father Christmas won't come if you're not asleep' up the stairs before they eventually drift off and I can finally relax, crack open the prosecco and finish my present wrapping! ;)

Last week the lovely people at The Little White Company sent a parcel containing everything we need to make this Christmas Eve extra special.

The White Company is somewhere I often visit for gifts, whether that's at Christmas, for other celebrations - or as a treat for myself (I just bought some new candles.... their Winter scent is utterly divine!) - and the Little White Company is the perfect place to go for new baby gifts. Some of the items they sent us would make really lovely presents for baby's first Christmas, like a traditional knitted snowman stocking, this very cute penguin Christmas tree decoration or this fabric envelope for letters to Santa!

I'm in love with Evie's new sparkly snowflake pyjamas - and how adorable are her fur lined Fairisle slipper boots? There's something seriously luxurious about brand new PJs; these ones are made from super soft 100% cotton and have the prettiest glittery snowflake pattern so are perfect for Christmas Eve.

Thanks so much to The Little White Company for Evie's Night Before Christmas kit.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Kitchen Essentials from Steamer Trading Cookshop

My lack of ability in the kitchen is well documented on this blog. But that's not to say I don't enjoy doing a bit of cooking every now and again (especially when there is wine involved) and I LOVE a good kitchen gadget. Aside from the girls' birthdays, when I have promised myself that I'll make their birthday cake(s) every year until they beg ask me to stop, Christmas is one time when I really do make a habit of hanging out in the kitchen. Of course this mostly happens when we have people over for drinks but we also have a few Christmas traditions that require me to put my chef's hat on too.

First of all, I feel like I should stop putting myself down completely. I am perfectly capable of cooking a roast dinner, and a pretty decent one at that. My kids say I make the best roast potatoes and yorkshire puds EVER and that's pretty high praise taking into account the number of roast dinners they've had cooked for them by other people over the years (I usually invite us all over to friends and family members' houses to get out of cooking a Sunday roast or, even better, we head to the pub, where the wine flows freely and there's no washing up). Christmas dinner is just a glorified roast dinner really isn't it - only there's no choice in meat (turkey.... every year.... I love it, and I'm a traditionalist) and you usually have to cook for more people than you're used to (especially when you're me and invite all the waifs and strays over to spend the day with you - no one should be alone at Christmas) plus you have to cook double portions for everyone (because leftovers are The Law). When it comes to the perfect roast/Christmas dinner, timing is everything and good equipment is essential. Nail those and you're grand.

I also love a bit of baking, albeit baking of the Betty Crocker kind (just add eggs and water). That still counts right? I definitely feel like a boss while I'm mixing up ingredients and whether you're weighing out ingredients like a pro or tipping them into a bowl straight from the box, you still need tools and pretty bakeware. For someone who 'doesn't cook' I seem to have amassed more my fair share of kitchen gadgets and paraphernalia!

Taking all this into account, this festive collaboration with Steamer Trading Cookshop was a pretty easy and fun one for me. They got in touch and asked me to put together a wish list of Christmas essentials from their website. My favourite elements of festive feasting are:

• Christmas drinks parties
• Baking gingerbread (ohhhhh the smell!)
• Christmas dinner itself

so these eight products would be pretty handy if you ask me! What do you think? :)

1. 5l Kilner vintage drinks dispenser, £20.95 - I thought that it would be handy to fill this up with soft drinks for the kiddos at a festive get together, so that they can help themselves whenever they need a top up 
2. Tavola long drink glasses, £9.99 - a tad on the expensive side, perhaps, but these babies look and feel like glass but are SHOCKPROOF! Perfect for when kiddos are around 
3. Sabatier two piece carving set, £44.95 - Like I said, good equipment is essential in the kitchen and, in my opinion, if you haven't got decent carving knives, there's no point in serving a roast dinner 
4. Red Mason Cash mixing bowl, £24.50 - This is so beautiful and festive... perfect for Christmas baking 
5. Peugeot stainless steel pepper mill, £49.95 - This is actually already on my Christmas list (along with one of those heated clothes airers, because I'm 36 now you know). Super stylish tableware right there! 
6. Circulon roasting tin and rack set, £19.95 (rrp. £39.99) - Ditto point 3, plus using a rack in a roasting tin makes it easier to clean and you can add all the meat juices to your gravy 
7. Christmas tree cookie cutter and Gingerbread man cookie cutter, £1.75 each - Because what is Christmas without gingerbread? 
8. And for a bit of festive fun, how about these Zoku Naughty or Nice silicon ice molds, £9.99 to jazz up your drinks?


Picking the Perfect Christmas Day Outfit with Palava

One thing I love about Christmas is having the opportunity to put on your glad rags, whether that's for the school nativity, a New Year party or on Christmas Day itself. It has always been a family tradition of ours to get dressed up for Christmas lunch - Father Christmas brings the girls beautiful new outfits every year especially for the occasion - and, of course, I have to treat myself to something new too ;)

One of the best places to shop for pretty skirts and dresses (for the girls AND myself) is Palava, formerly known as Bryony and Co and, before that, PoppyEngland. 

The poor team at really have been through a palaver this past year; being forced to rebrand due to trademark issues not once, but twice! They're a wonderful, small, independent company (I'm really passionate about supporting indie businesses) and they create beautiful items of clothing with a real vintage vibe - so if that's your bag and you've not ventured over to their new website, then you really must. 

I have quite a few of their beautiful skirts (my Poppy Elspeth skirt in the London print is my absolute fave) - they're the perfect fit for my shape, sitting high on my waist and flaring out, down to the knee - and in my opinion, their AW16 collection of pretty party frocks for women and girls is their best yet!

I've put together my perfect Christmas Day outfit; a pretty party dress with a festive motif, a petticoat and cardigan with some added sparkle, a bow for my hair (because if you can't wear a bow in your hair at Christmas, when can you?!) and some gorgeous woolly socks to keep me warm!

Who knows, maybe the big man himself is reading and fancies leaving me a special present under the tree this year ;)

1. Grey linen bow clip, £9.95 // 2. Gold trim cardigan, £44.95 // 3. Navy + gold zig zag socks, £24.95 // 4. Sparkly gold petticoat, £59 // 5. Grey Reindeer Dress, £130


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Talking about Friendships with Imaginary Fred

Reading to my children is such an important part of parenting to me. Ever since the girls were babies, reading a story has been the highlight of our bedtime routine; it's such an enjoyable way to wind down at the end of a busy day, and it's something that we can all do together. We have dinner, the girls have a bath, they get cosy in their pyjamas and then we read a couple of books before they head off to their beds.

Over the years we've collected lots of books. Some are passed on to friends as we outgrow them but others are truly cherished and we plan to keep them forever. There are lots of classics on our shelf of special books but a few brand new ones have been placed up there recently too.

One of these is Imaginary Fred by Irish Children's Laureate, Eoin Colfer. Without giving too much away, it's an absolutely beautiful story about loneliness and friendship. The girls love it because it also contains talk of magic and science, which always grabs their attention and stimulates their imaginations, but it also has a really lovely and powerful message. The first time we read it they were really quiet and asked lots of questions afterwards. I love this book for that reason; it really made them think about their friendships and other people's feelings and, even reading on subsequent occasions (we've read it lots, it really is a favourite!) it has always prompted some really lovely conversations.

I also love this book, quite frankly, because it's gorgeous to look at (I'm a sucker for all things pretty/stylish). It's illustrated by the legendary Oliver Jeffers, who we love, love, love, LOVE. In actual fact, The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, which was also illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, has one of those prestigious spots on our special shelf. (Take note, not one but TWO book recommendations from me: if you've not read either, you must!).

But back to those conversations that Imaginary Fred prompted. I think all children have friendship issues at one point or another, particularly once they start school and, for this reason, this book really struck a chord with us. We've had a few problems with 'best friends' at both school and nursery recently - and reading this story prompted a really important talk about letting friends go, and sharing, and also about still being kind even when things you don't like happen or people aren't being nice to you.

Daisy and Evie are 7 and 4 respectively and both absolutely love this book. It's the perfect length for bedtime and a lovely story to listen to before they go to sleep. Daisy is also able to read it by herself, and has done many times. It's definitely a future classic and, I think, a great read for this age group, when friendship groups are formed and children start to have their first disagreements with eachother. Its a brilliant read for that reason alone; it encourages positivity and kindness - and even us grown ups can't deny needing a bit of that!

Imaginary Fred is published by HarperCollins and is available now (here) priced at £7.99.


Friday, 11 November 2016

A Pizza Express Dinner Date with Thing 1

Daisy + me on our last Girl's Day Out earlier this year

Daisy and I rarely get to spend time together, just the two of us. In fact, aside from a quick trip to the ice rink on an INSET day earlier this year, the last time we actually spent quality time together was when we went on a day trip to Paris just before she started school!

Yesterday evening Evie had a play date with a friend after nursery so Daisy and I decided to head into town to spend her birthday book tokens and then to treat ourselves to dinner at our local Pizza Express.

Pizza Express features on this blog a lot, and I've been lucky enough to work with them on a number of campaigns in the past. But in-between the review meals we are still frequent paying visitors; when you're dining out as a family and want good quality, fast food at a good price you can't go wrong with Pizza Express. Plus there's always a voucher code to be found to knock money off your food bill, or a free birthday bottle of prosecco to be drunk ;)

Yesterday we bought six new books from the bookshop before heading next door for a super early dinner.

The new Autumn menu out launched during half term, which features a salmon risotto starter, the Basilicata Romana pizza (with the star topping being lamb and mint meatballs, oh my!) and a melt in the middle chocolate fondant for dessert. I love how these guys add seasonal dishes to their regular, and much loved, menu throughout the year. At Hallowe'en they even had pumpkin shaped garlic bread for the kids!

On this occasion I thought I'd go completely crazy and step away from my usual order so I tried the superfood salad with chicken, while Daisy had the dough balls and pasta bolognese from piccolo menu. On the current kids pack there's a 'dough ball personality quiz' which quite rightly described me as a 'cautious dough ball'. Apparently I know what I like and stick with it. I order my favourite pizza every time because if it's not broke, why fix it? - And that's usually so true!

But I love, love, loved the superfood salad, and it was exceptionally nice with the added chicken. Aside from being less than 500 calories (and completely freaking HUGE) it also had the added bonus of being jam packed full of superfood goodness; black rice, edamame beans, mung beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, kale - you have to have a dessert after being that virtuous with your main ;)

For dessert, Daisy had a grown up's portion of the new chocolate fondant (SERIOUSLY! WHERE DOES THIS BEANPOLE PUT IT!) But that meant I got to have the chocolate brownie from her piccolo menu, which I washed down with a super smooth and strong double espresso. Pizza Express coffee is seriously good!

As always, we had a lovely meal at the Haslemere restaurant, and it was extra special because we got to spend some time together by ourselves.

ps Usually when I go to Pizza Express I have the Pianta, which is vegan / dairy free. I mentioned it on Instagram Stories not long ago and it turns out loads of you didn't realise that a vegan pizza was an option! Its absolutely delicious - a romano base topped with spinach, closed cup mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes and pine kernels (no cheese, obvs!) and finished with rocket and fresh parsley - and it tastes even better drizzled with chilli oil. If you're looking for a healthier / vegan / dairy free option, definitely give it a whirl.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

A #SecretGardenAdventure with Energiser® + The Secret Life of Pets

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is one of our favourite things to do, and it turns out it's even more fun when you're heading out after dark! That's exactly what the girls and I got up to last weekend..... We layered up, and put on our woollies and waterproofs, and headed out into the garden to star gaze, and hunt for bugs and listen for animals.

This Autumn, Energiser® has teamed up with The Secret Life of Pets to offer customers a chance to win a plush toy with the purchase of special promotional packs. As part of the launch of this collaboration, we were sent some toys of our own, together with a range of batteries and headlamps, and were set the challenge of exploring our garden at night.

Spot the kiddos in night vision goggles!
The kids had a great time looking under logs and stones, and lying on the (ridiculously muddy, sigh) grass looking up at the night sky. We found woodlice and slugs under the log pile, lots of spiders in and under the plant pots and even a grasshopper in the flower bed - the night vision goggles were seriously cool when it came to hunting out mini beasts! We live on the edge of the South Downs which is supposedly one of the best places in Britain to star gaze yet it's something we hadn't done until that night. Boy had we been missing out! We turned off our goggles and headlamps and looked up for ages; the view really was magical.

When we got in from our adventures we were more than a bit chilly, so we all put on our pyjamas and had hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Evie was so exhausted and snuggly that she fell asleep on the sofa (that never happens!) leaving Daisy to complete the personalised adventure sheets for them both.

Look! All three of us in cartoon form! I love it!

Thanks so much to Energiser® for asking us to be a part of this campaign. Being outdoors may not be a new experience for us, but doing so at night certainly was - and we can't wait to do it again (although possibly on a slightly drier, milder evening next time!).

Follow the hashtag #SecretGardenAdventure on social media to see what other families have been getting up to and, if you're feeling inspired, why not get out there and explore your garden at night too!


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Limited Edition Scott Campbell Hennessy at

Last month one of my favourite tattoo artists - the world renowned, Brooklyn based Scott Campbell - brought his Whole Glory project to London. It was an opportunity for Scott to have complete freedom in his work - and for some of his fans to receive a tattoo for free - although the catch was that they would have no say in the design, and wouldn't even get to see it until it was finished! The waiting list for a tattoo by Scott Campbell is YEARS long, and they also cost a small fortune, so I was super keen to get one, even if the finished design would be a total surprise..... To be in with a chance you had to enter a lottery and those that won a seat had to put their arm into a hole to let him work his magic, without meeting him or having any consultation or communication whatsoever beforehand!

I didn't win a coveted place in the draw, so I didn't get a surprise tattoo, but I did manage to get my paws on another kind of Scott Campbell ink - in the form of a limited edition bottle of Hennessy courtesy of my favourite drinks company, (thanks, you lovely bunch!). The artwork on the bottle is the result of a collaboration between the iconic Cognac brand and the man himself and it's beautiful!

I spent ages trying to come up with an inventive cocktail for this post but in all honesty, I think you're best to drink a good cognac straight up. Which is exactly how I drank mine yesterday evening, after a crazy day taking twelve kids to the pictures and then coming home with two new pet rabbits ;)

The Hennessy v Scott Campbell Limited Edition bottle is the latest in Hennessy's release of collectable bottles. This particular collaboration is a symbol of Hennessy's commitment to "the art of blending" as two very different and very old traditions overlap; Cognac making and tattoo artistry! 

A 75cl bottle is priced at £33.95 and is available from the website with their usual great service - beautiful gift wrapping and super speedy next day delivery. If you're looking for a present for a Cognac fan that's also fond of amazingly intricate line work tattoos, then look no further!

ps If you don't follow Scott on Instagram already, make sure you do (here).


Rocking the Poppy Look #DreamWorksTrolls

I promised you a Trolls-related post this evening, and here it is.

Although the girls got pet rabbits for their birthdays, I still had to get them a few little bits and pieces to unwrap over their birthday breakfasts!

I bought Daisy a Pusheen watch from Claire's accessories, a furry backpack from Smiggle, a fancy pants sparkly little camera shaped handbag from M&S (which I am totally going to steal), a SelfieMic (google it, SO much fun, haha) and a book about looking after rabbits. Then I bought Evie a new baby boy doll and a whole heap of Trolls paraphernalia because Seriously, its like Daisy and Elsa all over again!

So I bought her a book... and a toy... and a dress up outfit. And the latter might possibly be my best purchase of the entire year!

When I take pictures of the girls for Instagram, Evie always acts up for the camera and pulls silly faces. I love it because that's who she is; a little comedian! But this first photo of her dressed up as Poppy might be my most favourite photo of her EVER. She was completely and utterly over the moon with this pressie - and you can totally tell ;)

Poppy Dress, £20 // Poppy Wig, £13// Hug Time Watch, £10
(All available from The Entertainer)

JUST LOOK AT THAT POSE! Haha. Work it girlfriend!

4 + 7 + Baby Rabbits

Ahhhh, it's that time of year again. When I'm even more of a sleep deprived, zombie mother than usual, as a result of excessive present buying and wrapping, cake baking, and birthday party organising.

Yes, on Thursday Evie turned four and then on Friday Daisy turned seven and every year this means two days of complete and utter madness in our household, as I'm sure you can imagine.

This year, however, was a little bit easier than previous years; we had a joint birthday meal out on Evie's birthday, which meant I could get away with baking them one homemade cake between them, and the girls asked for pet rabbits as their birthday presents, which kind of relieved the pressure for me a little bit, shopping-wise. They didn't have a party this year either, instead opting to take a few friends to the cinema to see Trolls (.....yes..... Trolls. Again!).

And that's the main purpose of this post, really. To introduce you to the newest additions to our family (not to talk about the Trolls movie, although I've a Trolls-related post coming up for you all later, you lucky things ;)). HOW ADORABLE ARE OUR RABBITS!! (see above). On the left, we have Christmas Pudding, and on the right is Cottontail. They came to live with us yesterday and so far seem pretty chilled out. They are living in a palatial hutch on the patio (I'm not even kidding, its freaking HUGE.... basically the same size as our teeny tiny house) although we are secretly hoping they will end up being house rabbits - and the girls brought them in at six o'clock this morning in case they were cold so they're definitely heading that way already.

I love animals and think having pets is a great way to teach children responsibility. The girls have proved themselves to be excellent helpers when it comes to looking after Mabel Meatball so I don't doubt they will be exactly the same when it comes to the new members of our squad.

And on that note I am off to wrap the hutch in a blanket and sheet of tarpaulin so they're extra warm tonight.... not that they're spoilt little buggers already or anything!




Friday, 4 November 2016

Nutmeg SS17 Preview

Last week the girls and I were invited up to London to preview the Nutmeg SS17 collection, which is their largest collection to date and, for the first time ever, will be available in every Morrisons store! (Hurray!)

Nutmeg is the only supermarket clothes brand that I buy - and I drive a considerable distance to be able to do so, I like it that much. Their main selling points (aside from the incredible prices) are the incredible quality and durability (Evie is currently wearing Daisy's hand-me-downs from when Nutmeg launched three years ago) and their thoughtful details; no itchy tags, waistbands that grow with your child, poppers and zips that are easy for little hands to do up etc etc. I also like them because they follow key trends each season, but with designs that are actually suitable for children!

Some of the key trends that featured heavily in this collection were monochrome, Americana, sports luxe and neon and, while Evie had fun playing on a miniature Market Street at the press event, Daisy and I picked out our favourite pieces.

1. T-shirt, £5 (from the boys collection, but lovely and long - would look great worn over leggings!) // 2. Bomber jacket, £16 // 3. Smock, £6 // 4. Denim jacket, with hood,  £10 (again, from the boys department but that doesn't bother us!) // 5. Floral bomber, £10 

The floral bomber was Daisy's absolute favourite and we'll definitely be buying one when they hit the shops next February.

I especially loved two pinafore dress sets; this gorgeous denim/polka dot number, which I would totally wear myself and will look lovely on the girls come spring, with a fresh pair of white pumps, and this black pinafore with stripy t-shirt - the most awesome 90s combo I have ever seen and, again, would most definitely wear myself!

Items from the SS17 range will start arriving in store on Boxing Day, with the full collection available in February. I definitely think this is their best collection yet and can't wait to buy the girls some new outfits next year!
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