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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Morning at Shrek's Adventure with #DreamWorksTrolls + Vosene Kids

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I were invited to Leicester Square for an advanced screening of Trolls, the brilliant new animated movie from Dreamworks. Ever since then we have lived in a glittery, rainbow filled world, where the girls want to scrap book all the time and listen to Earth Wind + Fire and Cyndi Lauper (and I'm not even kidding).

The girls are officially Poppy and Branch obsessed, so you can imagine the excitement in our house when Vosene Kids invited us to have breakfast with them at Shrek's Adventure on the South Bank during half term!

As well as loving the Trolls movie, my girls are big fans of the Shrek films so they were very excited about re-visiting the brilliant interactive live show, Shrek's Adventure. It's on the South Bank, so is really easy to get to if you're travelling into Waterloo from the South/South East - and there's plenty of other attractions nearby so that you can make the most out of a full day in London. Tickets start at just £18.90 if you book online and in advance, plus you can get some really good deals if you book packages for other Merlin attractions too (which you can do here).

But back to our morning with Vosene Kids, Poppy, Branch and SHREK! After our trip to Far Far Away on a magic bus driven by Donkey (yes really!) we walked down a magical rainbow hallway and spent the morning crafting and getting our hair trollified in the most beautifully decorated room.

The room had two hair styling booths, and everything you could possibly want to make Troll themed collages and models! I'm talking pens, paper, stickers, glitter, pompoms, play doh. Daisy and Evie were in heaven!

And then there was the hair styling itself! Daisy opted for purple and turquoise sparkly plaits and Evie chose two pink top knots..... I may have had my hair done too ;)

But of course, the highlight for us all was definitely meeting our favourite character from the movie, Poppy!

And Poppy and Branch will be at Shrek's Adventure greeting guests at the weekends throughout November and December so you can meet them too!

To celebrate the partnership, the Vosene Kids' Squeaky Clean and Fruity Goodness ranges have undergone a makeover, featuring the fun Trolls characters on-pack until February. The limited edition bottles also offer consumers the chance to win one of 40,000 mini Trolls dolls!

I'm a big fan of Vosene Kids and think I was equally as excited about collaborating with them on this project as the girls were about meeting their heroes ;) I only use the Vosene Kids headline repellent shampoo and leave in conditioner on the girls' hair after it was recommended by the mums at school. The leave in conditioning spray is a DREAM and as well as using it on wet hair I have also used it on knotty dry hair - it makes the brush glide through super easily, smells nice and, in our case (I have two daughters that hate having their hair brushed) it saves a whole lot of stress in the morning before school!

Thanks so much to Vosene Kids for inviting us to this brilliant event.  

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