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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Rocking the Poppy Look #DreamWorksTrolls

I promised you a Trolls-related post this evening, and here it is.

Although the girls got pet rabbits for their birthdays, I still had to get them a few little bits and pieces to unwrap over their birthday breakfasts!

I bought Daisy a Pusheen watch from Claire's accessories, a furry backpack from Smiggle, a fancy pants sparkly little camera shaped handbag from M&S (which I am totally going to steal), a SelfieMic (google it, SO much fun, haha) and a book about looking after rabbits. Then I bought Evie a new baby boy doll and a whole heap of Trolls paraphernalia because Seriously, its like Daisy and Elsa all over again!

So I bought her a book... and a toy... and a dress up outfit. And the latter might possibly be my best purchase of the entire year!

When I take pictures of the girls for Instagram, Evie always acts up for the camera and pulls silly faces. I love it because that's who she is; a little comedian! But this first photo of her dressed up as Poppy might be my most favourite photo of her EVER. She was completely and utterly over the moon with this pressie - and you can totally tell ;)

Poppy Dress, £20 // Poppy Wig, £13// Hug Time Watch, £10
(All available from The Entertainer)

JUST LOOK AT THAT POSE! Haha. Work it girlfriend!

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