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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

HOME // A New Mirror for my Gallery Wall

I've wanted a mirror to hang in my hallway for ages.... you know, so I can check out how ravishing I look in my pink towelling dressing gown as I stumble, bleary eyed, downstairs in the morning. In all seriousness though, I liked the idea of being able to inspect my choice of outfit on my way out of the house - and from an Instagrammer's point of view, I also really fancied a large, gorgeous mirror to take selfies in when I'm uploading my outfit posts ;)

I've been very specific in my mirror requirements which is why it's taken me so long to find the perfect one. I wanted a statement mirror, something big and impressive to hang on my gallery wall. But because I've got a hella lot of pictures on said gallery wall, I also wanted it to be pretty minimalist in design.

Then Exclusive Mirrors got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of their products and their timing could not have been more perfect. I picked this beautiful round, gold mirror as it ticks all the boxes for me; it's a glamorous, vintage style but, at the same time, the slim gold frame is very simple, so it doesn't make my wall look too busy. It's also 70cm in diameter so a good size, and is incredibly well made. It has a hook on the back which means it's very easy to hang - it just needs a hook or a screw (and a washer if using the latter, to make sure it stays in place) - and two people for the job, ideally, as it's very heavy.

I'm so, so, so, so, soooo happy with it, and didn't realise quite how much it would open, and brighten, up what is usually a small and quite dark part of the house.

Now I just need a few more prints to finish off the other wall and my hallway is complete!

Exclusive Mirrors very kindly sent me this mirror for the purpose of this honest review. All words are my own and images are copyright.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

CHRISTMAS // And the award for our favourite Christmas tree decorations of 2017 goes to....

Luxury online interiors shop, Amara!

They very kindly let me and the girls choose some baubles from their collection and with an entire 'Kitschmas' range, how could I say no?! (If multicoloured lights and festive flamingoes aren't your thing, they also have the Scandi inspired Hideaway range, the glamorous Midnight Jewel range and the elegant Winter Blush range - so there's something for every one).

But kitsch is very definitely our thing and I would have quite happily had one of everything in the collection! Instead, I was polite and we chose four ;)

The girls picked them. Evie went for a particularly beautiful unicorn and Daisy a glittery donut. Then they picked a coffee cup for me (excellent choice, girls) and also a box of popcorn because we like to have family movie nights once a week!

I think these beautiful, well made, glass ornaments look absolutely beautiful nestled inside the branches of our rather eclectic Christmas tree. They're lovely and big so are especially eye catching and I'm pleased to report there's plenty of the all essential glitter (it's written in the girls' Christmas rule book that everything new must be sparkly) on all four.

Prices for tree decorations in this range start at £10 (our four were £12 each) and there are some seriously stunning ones if you're happy to pay a little more. I am head over heels in love with this set of Bombki cakes and biscuits, which is £65 for all five!

Which is your favourite?

DISCLAIMER: These ornaments were gifted, but we were under no obligation to write about them, they genuinely are our new favourites and I would have no hesitation in buying more from Amara!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

CHRISTMAS // The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

In my opinion, the best bit about Christmas Day is the dinner! I love everything about it, from the preparation (with a permanently-topped-up-glass of prosecco on the go at the same time, of course) to the post-feed snooze. I'm not so keen on the clean up mission but if you do the prep you can usually wangle your way out of that one pretty easily ;)

Getting to enjoy a meal with my family is very important to me. Our lives are so busy these days that I always make sure the girls and I eat together in the evenings - and Christmas Day is extra special as we get to spend that time with our extended family too. For the last two years there have been four generations around the table. How lucky are we?

HelloFresh is a company I am incredibly passionate about. If it wasn't for them, I'd still be serving up the same four dishes on rotation every evening. Since trialling my very first box at the end of last year I've ordered them pretty much every week. More importantly, since that first box I've started to genuinely really enjoy cooking, whereas before I found it a huge chore. I love getting to try new recipes, and sometimes even new foods. I love knowing I have everything I need to prepare a meal in the fridge/larder - it saves time, saves stress, and wandering aimlessly round the supermarket looking for inspiration (and usually failing!) is a thing of the past!

But I digress. We were talking about Christmas dinner!

HelloFresh have prepared a BRILLIANT downloadable Cheat Sheet, giving you all the information you need to prepare for your festive feast. From timings to recipes (including ones that can be made in advance), you can download a copy to use on Christmas Day here!

A couple of my own tips for making Christmas dinner as stress free as possible are to:

- make and freeze Yorkshire puddings a couple of days in advance. They can be defrosted and reheated in just 5 minutes (at 200c) once your oven is empty, and while you're dishing up everything else.

- chop your veggies in advance (I usually do them the night before). Cover them in water and keep them in the fridge until you're ready to put them on the hob.

- always have a glass of wine to hand!

If you want to make things even easier for yourself, you can buy a HelloFresh Christmas Dinner Box, which looks utterly amazing and I'm totally going to get when it's my turn to host. You simply select the number of people you have to feed and how many courses you'd like, and you get sent all the ingredients, pre-measured, and the recipe cards to talk you through the preparation and cooking! Brilliant!

What top tips do you have for cooking Christmas dinner?


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

STYLE // One Outfit: From School to Work to a Night on the Town

Do you remember my obsession with jumpsuits back in the summer? Well it looks like it has continued right on into autumn and winter too.

All hail the Baukjen Pippa!

I'm so in love with my latest acquisition I can't tell you. It has everything you could possibly wish for in a winter jumpsuit. Super soft jersey fabric? Check. Turtleneck to keep you toasty? Check. Flattering elasticated waistband? Check. Hareem style pants (comfy) with cuff detail at the ankle (cosy)? Check. Check. But despite sounding, and feeling, like loungewear this is a pretty darn dressy piece.

I gave it it's first outing on a day when I had three different roles to perform: school mum, high flying (ha!) businesswoman and party animal - and it worked for all three, proving that it really is perfect for any occasion.

Curved clutch bag, £109 all c/o Baukjen
Red suedette court shoes, £17.99 - New Look

These court shoes from New Look are so ridiculously comfortable that I can wear them all day but you could always swap them for flats when you're going to be on your feet all day if you'd prefer. I've since worn this jumpsuit with gold studded black loafers and suede fringed ankle boots and loved the slightly more casual look of both.

Of course a winter coat is essential now that the temperature has dropped. I've been searching for the perfect camel coat for the past three years (no exaggeration) and had almost given up hope when Baukjen released the Farrah. If you'd asked me to design my dream coat, this would be it; it's boxy - very eighties, as is the jumpsuit actually - but not big on the shoulders which I really like. It's roomy too, so you can layer up underneath it on an extra chilly day. A coat is something that I really don't mind splashing out on, especially when it's a classic like this one.

But I think the piece de resistance in this outfit is this soft Italian leather half moon clutch, which is embossed with the Baukjen logo in a striking gold. It's the biggest clutch I own and definitely my current favourite! (It's also available in a beautiful cloud pink, which is 60% off). I go through phases of carrying huge handbags like my Mulberry Bayswater and then get fed up losing things in them so switch to something heaps smaller like my Kate Spade. This clutch is somewhere in the middle - roomy but with a big opening which makes it easy to find things in there! I carried it into London under my arm along with my Mulberry tech pouch - then ditched the laptop and just took the clutch out in the evening.

The only thing that's left to add to this outfit is a leopard print belt. Has anyone seen a relatively chunky one with a gold buckle on their travels?


Monday, 4 December 2017

DAYS OUT IN LONDON // The Ugly Duckling at The Albany, Deptford

It's that time of year again! Every December, together with the RocknRoller Baby clan, the girls and I head to London for a little festive theatre trip... and this year is going to be no different.

This weekend we've been invited to The Albany in Deptford to see their Christmas production of the Ugly Duckling, based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale and brought to the stage by tutti fruitti and York Theatre Royal. We can't wait!

I've always loved the theatre and think it's really important that children get to experience the excitement of seeing productions live on stage too. It really is magical watching your favourite stories come to life on stage. The music! The dance routines! The costumes, set and lighting! A good production is so visually stimulating for kids (and adults too, of course! ;)).

The Albany is an amazing community arts centre with a vision similar to mine. They want to bring the theatre to everyone, especially children, and their #EveryChildTheatre campaign aims to provide every 5 year old in Lewisham with a free theatre ticket to one of their shows. The Ugly Duckling looks set to be a great choice!

We all know the classic story of inner beauty and self worth, and tutti fruitti and York Theatre Royal bring it to life with inventive puppetry, dancing and live music - everything that's great about family theatre! Just take a look at the trailer to see for yourself.

The production runs from Monday 4th December until 31st December, and tickets are just £12 for adults and £8 for kids. You can book yours here!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

GOOD FOOD // Cod + Green Lentils Recipe

I like to think the girls and I have a pretty good diet. I'm lucky really, because where I know lots of kids can be really fussy, mine both love fruit and vegetables and they're more than happy to try different cuisines. We've always eaten predominantly plant based, with a few portions of fish and high welfare organic meat thrown in for good measure - but after we rescued the hens at the beginning of October, we've all struggled with eating meat quite a lot, chicken especially. It definitely doesn't feel right eating the same animals that we are keeping as pets!

Since reducing our meat intake (in actual fact, we've more or less given it up altogether; I've had one meaty meal since mid-October, Daisy has only eaten turkey and Evie has embraced vegetarianism entirely) I've been making sure that we eat plenty of fish. Turns out I had the right idea, as Fish is the Dish have just launched their Fish 2 a Week campaign, which aims to inspire the whole of the UK to eat two fish dishes every week. The reason for this? Eating two portions of fish every week:

- Lowers the risk of heart attack, heart disease, cholesterol, stroke, depression, diabetes and Alzheimer's

- Increases levels of omega-3 in your body, which leads to healthy skin, hair, nails and improves sleep

- Boosts your mood and maintains brain function

Seafish, the UK's authority on Seafood, are encouraging families to add fish to their diet and have teamed up with MasterChef winner, Jane Devonshire, to create a series of simple seafood suppers that can easily be made at home. A UK wide cookery show is also taking to the road (visiting Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Norwich and Billingsgate) to get parents and kids to make some of these dishes together!

You can read more about the campaign here, but in the meantime I wanted to share one of these recipes - one for cod and green lentils - with you.

I'm obsessed with lentils at the moment; they're perfect hearty, warming fodder for this time of year! This recipe takes 30 minutes from start to finish and is a one-pan dish so there’s hardly any washing up, which is an added bonus. Most importantly it’s super healthy and a great way to get your Fish 2 a Week.

(serves 4) 
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
250g cherry tomatoes, quartered
4 x 150g cod, haddock or coley fillet 
2 x 380g packs of green lentils in water, drained and washed
75g olives from a jar, chopped
250ml hot vegetable/fish stock 
15g flat leaf parsley, finely chopped.
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

What to do.
Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan.
Add the onions and gently sauté until they are translucent and cooked through, then add the tomatoes.
Clear a space in the pan. Add the fish fillets and cook with the tomatoes and onions over a medium heat, flipping the fish carefully once, for around 5 minutes in total.
Keep the heat on medium – you don’t want the fish to brown. The fish is done when you can easily pierce it with a cocktail stick and the flakes are no longer clear.
Once the fish is cooked, remove it from the pan and place on a warmed plate. If there are bits of fish left in pan don’t worry they will add to the flavour.
Add the lentils, chopped olives, stock and chopped parsley to the pan (reserving a little of the parsley for garnishing) and stir well.
Heat through then add the white wine vinegar. You don’t need to add salt as the olives are salty enough, but if you wish, a grind of black pepper is nice.
Divide the lentils between four bowls or plates, top each with a piece of fish and garnish with the reserved parsley.

Enjoy x

WORK // On Being Self Employed

I hit publish on my very first blog post almost eight years ago. That post was short, to the point and pretty much summed up where I was in my life and what I hoped to achieve from blogging. I’d just become a mum for the first time and wanted to connect with other new mums.

I’d spent the early part of my maternity leave reading American lifestyle blogs and at that point blogging was just taking off in the UK. I felt - and loved! - the sense of community amongst those US bloggers and wanted in on the action myself. So I launched Modern Mummy as a creative outlet, met lots of other blogging mums online that were also starting a similar journey and I never looked back! After a couple of years of hobby blogging, I slowly started monetising my posts. Fast forward another five years and now I’m lucky enough to call this my job.

And it’s a job I’m very proud of. The work is fun and varied and the girls get some absolutely amazing opportunities because of it. One minute I’m developing a recipe for the humble butternut squash, the next we’re jetting off to Walt Disney World with Virgin Holidays. No two days are ever the same! But what I love most about it is that it's flexible. I get to pick and choose the campaigns I work on and set my own hours, which means I can always be there for the girls - doing the school run, watching their school plays, helping them with their homework, putting them to bed.

But being self-employed also has its down sides. If I want to be there for the girls I have to work late into the night a hell of a lot. My brain is constantly ticking and its hard to switch off. Things have got slightly easier since both girls are now at school but the holidays are hard work.... running the house and looking after the kids (and animals) whilst trying to take photographs for posts and meet deadlines is a constant juggle plus, of course, there’s the financial worry as your income isn’t guaranteed every month.

Blogging, and Social Media as a whole, is a constantly evolving industry. It's heaps of fun to be a part of but it also means you have to constantly be on the ball. As a blogger, you have to wear many, many hats (it’s just as well I like hats ;)). Writing, editing, styling, photography, marketing, website building, planning, budgeting and networking are all part of the job description and its a lot of work on a daily basis.

But it's worth it. Being at home with the girls is my priority, with paying the mortgage a close second, and blogging has enabled me to do both. And for that I am very grateful.

Written in collaboration with West Host.
Thanks to n4mummy for the image!


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

CHRISTMAS // Our Festive Traditions

Did I mention I love Christmas?

I know it's only November, and the nation is divided on whether or not it's too early to put up your Christmas tree and listen to festive music but I have most definitely been on the mince pies already and I'm not afraid to admit it!

When Wayfair asked me to share our festive traditions with you all, I couldn't resist. After all this really is my favourite time of the year. So! Without further ado, here are some of the things we get up to as a family at Christmas:

1st December is always Christmas tree day.
Even if it's a school day (we just go after) we always head out to buy and then put our tree up on the very first day of December. This is a ritual in itself. We take a loooonnnng time picking out the perfect one at our local garden centre and have a whole lot of fun in the process (although occasionally a few swear words are uttered as I try to get the bloody thing in our tiny car!) Once we're home we watch Home Alone while we dress the tree - and I may or may not make a start on the mulled wine.

We always buy one new Christmas decoration each every year.
I have to say, our collection is getting a bit on the full side right now - we might need two trees this year! But I always let the girls pick out a new ornament while we're shopping for the tree - and I can never resist getting one myself.

The kids are in charge of the decor. 
I used to have a theme (red, white, green and gold, if you're asking) and be really Monica about where the decorations went - now our theme is something along the lines of 'a festive unicorn vommed rainbows all over our house' - nothing matches, everything is bright and garish and pretty eighties if I'm honest. We have tinsel, we have multicoloured lights. We even have lights for OUTSIDE THE HOUSE (yes, we are THAT FAMILY). The girls LOVE IT. And because they're happy so am I.

We have an open house policy for friends and family on Christmas Eve.
Although I usually leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute, I always make sure I'm at home on Christmas Eve and friends and family are welcome round at any point. I have a pot of mulled wine on the hob all day, and a steady supply of mince pies too - ready for any visitors we might have.

New pyjamas and party dresses.
The elves bring new pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns every Christmas Eve and usually leave them under the tree while we're outside looking for Father Christmas and the reindeer in the sky ;) We all get Christmas Day party dresses from the big man himself - getting glammed up for our Christmas lunch is another family tradition.

Christmas Day breakfast.
We ALWAYS have chocolate for breakfast, then a little later on in the morning we'll have pastries and I'll put out a token bowl of fruit salad but I'm the only one that ever eats it.

Christmas Lunch.
Christmas lunch is always with the whole family; we have had four generations round the table for the last two years! We stick to tradition and have roast turkey with all the trimmings and usually time it so that we're finished just before the Queen's speech. Then it's a race to see who will fall asleep first (usually my Dad!).

Christmas Day Weigh In.
The whole family weighs themselves first and last thing to see who gains the most weight in a day. I was the reigning champion for TEN YEARS, with an impressive 6.5lb gain... then last year I only went and beat my personal best by putting on 7lbs. I'm pretty sure it was the late night visit back to the cheeseboard that did it.

What traditions do your family have?

Written in collaboration with Wayfair

HOME // Five Favourites: Finishing Touches for the Bedroom

I've lost count of the number of posts I've written in the past about how much I longed to turn my bedroom into a beautiful, restful sanctuary, rather than it being a dumping ground for everyone else's stuff. It got completely overlooked after we moved in; every other room had a makeover but for some reason mine got neglected - and because it's not been a particularly nice place to be, with visible plaster patches on the walls and curtains from our old house that didn't quite fit the window, it had become a home for piles of things on their way to other places; like clean laundry ready to go away and papers waiting to be filed.

Well I'm pleased to report that it has finally had it's long overdue and well deserved lick of paint and I've started to shop for soft furnishings and accessories. It's almost ready to show off in a room tour! I've kept it simple and painted the whole room white, mainly because I like to go all out with bold patterned bedding and brightly coloured artwork on the walls, but also, on a practical level, using a cheap trade emulsion will make it easy to touch up any scuff marks that might appear as time goes on.

So yes! Those fabulous finishing touches. Isn't this the best part of redecorating a bedroom? I've spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration; it's been so much fun! Here are just a few of the things that I've bought recently or that are on my wishlist:

1. Framed and mounted Frida Kahlo print, £72 - Desenio // I already have this and couldn't love it more! I went for the biggest size I could get - the frame is 70x100cm and it fills one of the walls in my bedroom.
2. Cactus neon light, £37.99 - Prezzybox // Again I already have this. I'd wanted a neon light for forever but the ones I liked were always so expensive. This one was super affordable, and you can also get a pink flamingo or a blue anchor for the same price.
3. Myleene Klass tropical duvet set, £40.50 and 4. Myleene Klass gold palm curtains, £44.10 - both Very via LovetheSales // These are on my wishlist! I think they go perfectly together and I know they're verging on tacky but I love them!
5. White Hemnes full length mirror, £80 - IKEA // I bought this mirror for the bargain price of £29 at the last IKEA family event. It's back up to full price now but worth keeping your eyes open for another deal in January!


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

PLAY // Simple Sensory Play Ideas

As a parent, things can often get a little repetitive around the house. Routines quickly develop, especially when the kids have come home from nursery or school and you’ve been on your feet all day; sometimes it’s just easier to put on the TV or hand over the iPad and give yourself a break!

If you're anything like me, the idea of getting out the paints and paintbrushes will fill you with dread - and the thought of having to clean everything up again afterwards, doesn’t sound like much fun either…so, here are a few ideas that will introduce sensory play into your little ones day. The best bit is they’re quick, simple and, most importantly, relatively mess free as well!

What is sensory play? 
Sensory play is often thought of just as messy play, and although lots of sensory play ideas can be messy – it is not just all about messy play but any play involving the senses. Sensory play helps with creativity, problem solving, and supports children’s brain development.

Ocean sensory play 
Bath time can get a little dull, especially if your little one doesn’t enjoy having their hair washed! Fill your bath with water as normal, (if your bath has seen better days then take a look at better bathrooms for some bathroom ideas) as an added option, you could consider purchasing some bath colouring tablets. These are safe to use on children’s skin and dissolve in the water to change the colour safely. Next cook some spaghetti pasta and hey presto! You’ve got creatures from the ocean squirming in your bath! Add some classic ocean themed bath toys for hours of fun.

Sensory bags 
If you’re trying to keep mess to a minimum then take some zip-lock bags, simply fill with coloured hair gel and add coloured bits of paper, buttons stars, plastic letters or anything else that will look fun! Let your child enjoy the squishy feel of hair gel as they explore the bag to collect shapes or draw letters. But don’t fill the bag too much – allow room to fold over the zip-lock bag and tape it securely, just in case your little one manages to open the bag.

A simple treasure hunt 
Ideal for really little ones, a simple box full of shredded or crinkly paper and filled with gold coins makes for a great sensory treasure hunt. Just simply fill an empty and clean lunch box or cardboard box with shredded paper and then add gold coins, buttons or shells and then encourage your child to hunt through the box to find everything. If they’re a little older, then you can make this a fun counting game.

You should always keep your child under close supervision during the assembly and interaction with these sensory activities. Messy-sensory play is important for young children, giving them endless ways to develop and learn. All types of play are essential for children’s development and early learning - it helps them to develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration. 


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

HOME // Fantastic Services: A Review

When I was at university, I earned myself the nickname Scrubber. And not for the reasons you might think! (how very dare you! ;))

In actual fact, and quite unusually for a student, I used to have what everyone else considered a bit of OCD when it came to cleaning. I personally don't think it was OCD as such - I just had slightly higher standards of cleanliness compared to my slovenly student counterparts! 

Since the arrival of my two terribly untidy children and setting up my own business, housework seems to have taken a bit of a back seat for me. Of course it gets done - I still want a clean house - it just happens reluctantly as there always seems to be other, more important things to do. I'm a single parent so I'm forever working, or walking the kids to school, or food shopping, or ferrying them to and from after school clubs and playdates. I also battle a laundry basket that never seems to be empty on a daily basis and have a menagerie of animals to look after. To be in a position to take the pressure off and treat myself to a cleaner has always been The Dream. And last week that dream came true!

The lovely people at Fantastic Services had been in touch to ask whether I'd like to have a one off deep clean before Christmas. As we've had some building work going on over here for the last couple of weeks I definitely did, so they very kindly arranged for two cleaners to come and work their magic on my house.

As well as the usual kitchen and bathroom cleaning, cobweb dusting, surface wiping, sweeping, mopping and hoovering - which was all carried out to the highest of standards - Fantastic Services exceeded my expectations by dusting all my picture frames and cleaning the glass, cleaning all mirrors, dusting all my ornaments including those in my printer's tray, cleaning the inside of my windows, polishing the bathroom tiles and the kitchen splash backs and wiping down all the skirting boards. They even cleaned my kitchen bin!

Needless to say I was very impressed and wish more than anything I could have them back every week to help me keep on top of things.

Fantastic Services also provide other services, like gardening, carrying out handyman jobs around the house, carpet and oven cleaning - and I am 150% going to be calling them back to help me with all of those at some point in the near future.

A six hour clean costs in the region of £120 and includes all cleaning equipment and materials. My clean was complimentary in exchange for this honest review.

If you're keen to give Fantastic Services a go yourself, I'm delighted to be able to offer £10.00 off your very first booking using the code MODERNMUM10.

Terms and conditions: £10 off first booking only. Does not apply to regular domestic cleaning and Christmas services. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Minimum charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.

Monday, 20 November 2017

HOME // Affordable Wall Art with Desenio

Our house has undergone a little bit of a revamp over the past couple of months. Most of the rooms have had a fresh coat of paint and a bit of a rejig now and I've started splashing out on a few new pieces of furniture and accessories for them.

The biggest makeover has been to Daisy's bedroom. Previously pink, it's now a very modern monochrome - and once I'd replaced her pine furniture with new white pieces, and her floral bedding and curtains with fancy black and white patterns, it was time for me to search for some new pictures for the walls.

Everyone knows I love artwork. Pretty much every single wall in this house is covered in a mixture of photos, posters, limited edition prints and even a few original paintings from those days pre-kids, when I actually had some money ;) My only rule is that I never fill a space with any old thing - I'd rather have an empty wall for a while and wait to buy something meaningful that I really love.

One place I love to shop for affordable art is a Scandinavian company called Desenio. I've worked with them on a review project before and was so impressed with the quality of their prints and their excellent customer service that I went on to make a fair few purchases of my own accord. When they asked me if I wanted to pick out a few pieces for their latest campaign I was thrilled to - and it was perfect timing too, with Daisy's room needing those finishing touches.

Following the monochrome theme I chose three new prints for her room (she already had this horse poster which stayed put). I added a black kitten print, a grey bunny print and a typography print saying 'Black Is My Happy Color' and framed them all. To make a bit more of a feature of them on the plain white walls I bought some super cheap wall decals from eBay to surround them.

I love the finished look - and so does Daisy! The best bit is that all four posters and frames (including the horse one from an earlier purchase) came to less than £70 which I think is a total bargain.

But my shopping didn't stop there. I'd been looking for a Frida Kahlo print for FOREVER so when I spotted this one on the Desenio website I couldn't resist treating myself, along with a mount and a huge 70x100cm frame. Altogether it came to £72 which was considerably less than I had been prepared to spend, and I absolutely love it!*

*I'm still waiting for it to be put up, hence the stock photo - full room tour coming soon!

If you're looking for some affordable artwork, make sure you check out the Desenio website. It's a bargain at the best of times (prices start at just £2.95) but right now I'm delighted to be able to offer you all exclusive access to their Black Weekend offer! 

Use my VIP-code modernmummy to get both early access AND a better deal - an incredible 40% off posters! This code is valid between 21st-23rd of November and is not valid on Handpicked posters or frames. Happy shopping!

Friday, 10 November 2017

CHRISTMAS // Pickering's Gin Baubles from 31DOVER.com

I know it's still November but now that the girls have both had their birthdays I am well and truly ready to embrace all things festive!

I'm not one to put the tree up before December 1st but when my friends at 31DOVER.com sent me a little early Christmas present to say thanks for working with them this year, I couldn't resist getting them out straight away (and of course that meant I had to get our festive garland and a few twinkly lights out too).

Yes, I am the proud owner of a set of the famous Pickering's gin baubles, which I desperately tried to get my mitts on last year but missed out on (they flew off the shelves after going viral on social media). The best bit is the they are available online RIGHT NOW at 31DOVER.com!

Each set contains six different coloured, hand made baubles containing 50ml of Pickering's gin (so make sure they are kept out of the reach of little people and pets!) and decorated with a festive red Pickering's ribbon. They are just gorgeous and I think make the perfect ornaments to decorate my booze shelf ready for Christmas party season!

So YES! They are available from 31DOVER.com for £29.95 here, now! If you're hoping to get some make sure you order yours quickly so you don't miss out!

ps Now that these decorations are up, I'm totally leaving them up.
pps I think Flat Eric needs a Christmas hat ;)


Monday, 6 November 2017

GOOD FOOD // Dairy Free Smoothies with Vita Coco

Three and a half years ago I underwent a cholecystectomy which meant I had to make a few changes to my diet. When you don't have a gallbladder you're supposed to give up high fat meats and processed foods but as these didn't form part of my diet beforehand (and after taking advice from a nutritionist) I decided to cut my dairy intake instead. For the first year post-surgery I gave dairy up altogether and felt amazing. As a result I know for sure that dairy doesn't agree with me, although I've allowed myself small quantities on special occasions since then - what's Christmas Day without the traditional Earley cheeseboard after all! I've also juiced regularly for the past five years but after my surgery I started to grow my repertoire of juice and smoothie recipes (dairy free, of course).

Juices and smoothies are different things (the indigestible fibre is removed from a juice) and I enjoy them at different times. Generally I prefer juices but there's definitely a time and a place for a smoothie! They're much more filling and work well as meal replacements for me - or as a post work out snack. I've experimented by adding different dairy alternatives to my recipes, and think I might have found my new favourite!

I'm not going to lie to you - I'm not usually a massive fan of coconut milk. Coconut water - yes. Yes yes yes yes YES! But I often find coconut milk has an odd texture, plus the canned stuff that I've used to cook with before is very high in calories. But Vita Coco coconut milk is fresh and, although thinner and I've yet to try it when cooking, is a fraction of the calories and also rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It's also lactose free and naturally sweet - so the perfect ingredient for a filling breakfast or post-school smoothie.

During half term, I was sent some samples and I whizzed up some super simple and delicious summer fruit smoothies for myself and the girls. We used fresh berries but frozen would have worked just as well, and they were absolutely delicious - just ask Evie if you don't believe me!

The best bit about making smoothies is that they are always a massive hit with the kids - and I think they make the perfect post school snack. They're filling, but still leave plenty of room for dinner, plus they're an easy way to sneak a couple of their five a day into their diet. I love introducing the girls to new foods like Vita Coco, especially when they're super healthy!

DISCLAIMER: Vita Coco sent me samples of their coconut milk but I was under no obligation to write this post.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

5 + 8

Long time readers of this blog will know that somehow I managed to have two babies with birthdays a day apart. This means that I basically disappear off the radar for a couple of weeks at this time of year - first of all we have half term at the end of October, and I always try and reduce my workload while the kids are at home. Then The Birthdays follow shortly after and I find myself in last minute shopping / party prep hell. Every year I say I'm going to be more organised but it never happens - in fact this year I decided to double my stress levels by having two parties in one day!

Evie's birthday came first and we kick started a weekend of celebrations with chocolate for breakfast and sushi for dinner. She got tap shoes and Sylvanian Families and LOL Surprise dolls and unicorn everything - toys, clothes, a backpack, a hot water bottle, and the best present of them all; a birthday party the next day...... Which also happened to be Daisy's birthday! Cue more chocolate for breakfast and a morning spent playing with, and enjoying, new presents (Daisy had a monochrome bedroom makeover as her present) while I made jam sandwiches and cooked sausage rolls for a birthday party buffet.

Then it was time for party no.1! Evie had invited her whole class (no boys!) for a disco in a hall. We'd decorated with bunting and balloons and the kids got to play musical statues and do the conga. After saying goodbyes and dishing out party bags it was time to zoom home for party no.2 - a sleepover for Daisy and six of her best friends. They had takeaway pizza and watched a movie, then stayed awake until gone midnight and were up at 6am. Where do kids get their energy?! I could easily have fallen asleep before them, and then this morning I'd had three cups of coffee by 8am and had to have an afternoon nap.

Anyhoo, I am now the proud mother of an eight year old and a five year old (how did that happen?!) and am currently sat on the sofa with a well deserved glass of sauvignon blanc, Gilmore Girls on Netflix and my bullet journal on my lap (prioritising my workload for next week.... as you do). It's been a crazy but brilliant weekend. Happy birthday to my little ladies x

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Celebrating the launch of My Little Pony: The Movie with Build-A-Bear

I talked about my fondness for My Little Pony, and how much I love that the girls enjoy playing with them too, when I wrote this blog post recently - so you can imagine how excited we all were to be invited up to Build-A-Bear (in Hamleys, no less!) so that the girls could create My Little Pony characters of their very own.

As well as being big My Little Pony fans, we're also big fans of Build-A-Bear. I'm fairly certain everyone knows the concept but on the off chance you don't, a trip to Build-A-Bear is a really special occasion. You don't just go there to buy a new toy - you go to make one!

Although the building of the bear is actually very affordable (bears start at just £10) I learnt the hard way a few years ago that accessorising him or her can end up pretty costly if you're not careful. On the occasions we've visited in the past, I've always allowed the girls two accessories each - and have encouraged them to save up their pocket money if they want to buy more (its all available online, and you can always nab some mega bargains in the sales). But I have no objections to flashing the cash a little bit while we're there, so long as the girls have been good, as a trip to a Build-A-Bear store is a proper experience, and you can make a real day of it.

On this visit, Daisy chose to make a Songbird Serenade (the COOLEST new pony on the block - she's voiced by Sia in the new movie, you know!) and Evie went traditional, opting for Pinkie Pie, who's been around since my childhood.

Once they'd chosen their toys, they got to pick a sound for them and then a heart - which they had to make a wish on. Then, with the help of an assistant, they stuffed their toys and when they were happy with how cuddly they were, it was time to stitch them up and dress them! And that's where the fun really starts because there are a whoooooole lotta accessories to choose from! My girls went for pony capes and shoes - and special Build-A-Bear backpacks to carry their their new friends home in!

My Little Pony: The Movie hit cinemas last weekend and has an all-star voice cast including Emily Blunt, Michael Peña and, of course, Sia. Daisy has already been to see it with the Brownies and it gets the seal of approval from them all!

DISCLAIMER: We were invited to Build-A-Bear to create these toys in exchange for this post.


Monday, 23 October 2017

DAYS OUT IN LONDON // Half Term Fun with AttractionTix

Last Friday was an INSET day so the three of us decided to kick start our half term holiday fun with a day out in London.

We often hang out on London's South Bank; the train from Haslemere goes straight into London Waterloo so its an easy spot to stroll to, there are loads of family friendly restaurants on the stretch of river from the Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo Bridge and there's always loads of seasonal things to see and do. It's also home to some of London's most famous attractions and on this occasion, thanks to AttractionTix, we got to pay a few of them a visit!

AttractionTix offer brilliant discounted passes that enable you to visit 3, 4 or 6 London attractions, and the best bit is that the passes last for 90 days, you don't have to do them all in one go. On this trip we visited Shrek's Adventure, the Sea Life Centre and had a ride on the London Eye, but also included in the BIG 6 Ticket are the London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds and the London Eye River Cruise.

Prices start at just £51 for adults (£45 for kids) for the 3 attraction passes, going up to £75 and £60 for the full shebang - which is SO worth it when you compare it to the individual walk in prices for each place - the Sea Life centre is £32 on its own! It's perfect for the school holidays as you can either make a mini break out of it and spread your itinerary out over a couple of days - or you can head into the city to have some fun on a few different occasions.

So what did we think of the attractions we visited?

First up we made our way to Shrek's Adventure, which is somewhere we've been before and a place the kids absolutely LOVE. It's a 4D ride and interactive theatre show based on the Dream Works films, jam packed full of everyone's favourite characters. It's aimed at kids aged 6-12 but Evie first went when she was three. There are a couple of special effects that make you jump but if your kids aren't phased easily, I'd say they're good to go as soon as they've seen (and enjoyed) the film.

As a parent, do you know what I love most about Shrek's Adventure? The fact that you're not allowed to use your phones or cameras when you're there which means you get to fully immerse yourself in the experience - and you get to see the enjoyment on your kids' faces in real life, rather than watching them through your phone screen or camera lens!

Next on the list was the Coca-Cola London Eye. I've only been on this once before (about 18 years ago!) and have been desperate to go again ever since. The kids also both wanted to go, Daisy especially. We bought maps from the ticket office beforehand (only £1 each) so that they could spot landmarks and queued for about ten minutes to get onto our capsule (it was lunchtime which might be a good time to go as they seemed much lengthier at other points in the day).

The London Eye is 135m high which makes it the world's tallest observation wheel and on a clear day you can see as far as forty miles away - which means you could potentially see Windsor Castle! The 'flight' lasts 30 mins which I think is perfect for kids- mine started to lose interest just a little before then. I loved the whole thing - a champagne flight at night is definitely something I'd like to do in the future.

Finally we went to SEA LIFE London. We've visited lots of times before (and are also regular visitors to their sister aquarium in Brighton) because we LOVE it; the rock pools where you can handle sea creatures, the floating glass platform and famous underwater tunnel where you can see sharks (and other sea life) swimming below and above you - and the PENGUINS! (our favourites).

Our tickets were complimentary, but all thoughts are honest and my own. Thanks for a great day out in London, AttractionTix!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

STYLE // Pink + Glitter

I love wearing dresses. They make up the vast majority of my wardrobe, mainly because they're just so easy to wear - throwing on a dress and a pair of boots in the morning is so much simpler than having to contemplate a jeans/skirt and top combo while you're still half asleep. Plus you have the added bonus of looking like you've really made an effort!

Of course when it comes to going out-out, I really do like to make an effort - and although it doesn't happen as often as I'd like, I love nothing more than having an excuse to don a fancy frock and pair of heels.

I don't think I've ever loved a dress as much as I love this one, which was gifted to me by Simply Be, in all my thirty seven twenty six years on this planet. I love its frilled bardot neckline  - the frill sits quite low and covers your bust (and part of your tummy).  I love the asymmetric hem of the skirt which sits just around the knee (that's my perfect length). I love how the outer layers of the dress are floaty and feminine but it has a more structured lining that hides all my lumps and bumps. Basically, this dress makes me feel a million dollars, and I desperately need an excuse to wear it out!

Coast Brooke Midi Dress in blush - £66 (sale)
Dune Madera Shoes in multi glitter - £45
Both c/o Simply Be

I'm 5ft 6 (and a half) and am wearing this dress in a UK Size 12. If you're looking for party dresses, the Simply Be website is a great place to start - I'm pretty confident you won't need to look anywhere else! As well as its own range of clothing, it also stocks a number of high street brands, including three of my favourites: Coast, Oasis and TOMS. They offer next day delivery (including Sundays) and there's often a deal to be had.... this dress is still full price at Coast but is almost 50% off at Simply Be!

So what do we think? And who wants to take me out on the town so I can give this dress its first outing?

PS I couldn't write this post without giving a special mention to these amazing pink glittery stilettos. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous pair of heels? With a supportive buckled ankle strap and a high stiletto heel, these are going to be PERFECT for the Christmas party season.

Monday, 16 October 2017

GOOD FOOD // Trying out the New Kids Menu at Bill's, Guildford

At the weekend there's nothing the kids and I like more than heading out for a spot of brunch, and Bill's is one of our favourite places to go. Last Saturday we were invited to our local restaurant in Guildford to try out their new children's menu, so after working up an appetite partaking in a wee bit of shopping, we made our way down the cobbled Angel Gate for a well deserved pit stop!

The main reason I'm such a big fan of Bill's is because I think of it as a proper "grown up" restaurant that just so happens to be incredibly kid friendly. There are some chain restaurants that I wouldn't dream of visiting without the children - but this most definitely isn't one of them. As well as taking the kids there, I regularly visit for leisurely Bloody Mary fuelled brunches with my girlfriends and I even celebrated one of my birthdays at Bill's a couple of years ago, so it really is a great place to visit at any time of the day or night, and with friends and family, both young and old.

Another thing I love at Bill's is the decor; it's really quirky with lots of worn wood, old beaten up leather, warm brick work and industrial fittings. There are flashes of colour everywhere and an eclectic mix of art work and photographs on the walls as well as shelf after shelf of Bill's goodies for sale.

But of course the best thing about Bill's is the menu. There's just the right amount of choice and the chefs have perfected every single item on it. The staff are always so bubbly and accommodating and I've never had a bad meal or a bad experience in any of my many visits.

So over to our review meal! We kick started our brunch with fresh juices and coffee. The kids had orange and apple juices, while I had a Super Greens smoothie and a flat white.

Then we moved on to peruse the food menu!

We had a good look at the lunch/dinner menu but we already knew before we got there that we'd be having brunch. We are creatures of habit I'm afraid, but I genuinely believe that if it ain't broke, why fix it. And on that note the girls went for their usual two course brunch (and being gluttonous is totally affordable when you're a kid at Bill's, with prices starting at just £1.95 for yoghurt and fruit, and moving up to £4.95 for a full English). On this occasion they started off with bacon and sausage sandwiches, while I went for the eggs and avocado on toast with a side of streaky bacon.

Daisy's Sausage Sandwich Selfie

Evie about to tuck into her bacon sandwich

If you watched our IG stories on the day, you'll have heard Evie declare how much she loves the bacon at Bill's!

Me enjoying my super virtuous smoothie and avo on toast

Then it was time for round two! I was completely full up, so I just had another coffee but the girls went for pancakes, which is the reason why they love Bill's so much. I'm told they are the SECOND BEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD (and second only to mine...... I've trained these kids well). They come served with syrup and fruit and I think both girls would eat a third portion between them if I let them.

As always, we had a wonderful meal. We were in and out pretty quickly, without feeling rushed, and with lovely full bellies - ready to take on the rest of the day!

Bill's serves breakfast until midday (or 1pm at weekends) then switches to its lunch and dinner menus later on. Kids' breakfast prices start at just £1.95, or they can dine on three courses - and have a drink - for just £6.95 after 11:45am, which officially makes it the most reasonably priced kids' menu out of every restaurant we've ever visited. It's definitely the tastiest too!

Thank you so much to Bill's for having us - and special thanks to Roo, the manager at Guildford, for looking after us so well!

We were given a complimentary meal in exchange for our honest views on Bills and their new kids menu. All words are true and all photographs are copyright.
© Modern Mummy. All rights reserved.