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Monday, 9 January 2017

Hello 2017!

After a much needed, extra lengthy Christmas break, today I have been back at the drawing board (/MacBook), cracking on with work.

For the first time since starting this blog six years ago (seriously, six whole years! where on earth have they gone?!) I decided to shut up shop for the entire school holidays so that I could spend some proper quality time with those little people of mine, and I truly loved every minute.

We had a pretty low key few weeks off, but that was just what we needed. Christmas Day was spent with four generations of family at my parents' house, and we saw the New Year in with some of our very best friends. Then we kick started 2017 with advil (that might have just been me ;)) and ice skating at Hampton Court Palace, which I would honestly recommend to anyone feeling slightly delicate the morning after drinking their own body weight in prosecco and sloe gin - the cobwebs were well and truly blown away!

2016 was a funny old year for me. I had a minor midlife crisis about turning 36, celebrated the first anniversary of my divorce and started dating again. The girls have continued to amaze me and have finally mastered the art of sleeping through the night (admittedly not every night, but we're getting there) and I think I've mastered the art of being the only adult in the house - even learning DIY (I have my own tool kit and everything!)

I also launched a new business with my good friend Ruth from RocknRoller Baby, which has seen both of our workloads increase significantly; something that I personally wasn't expecting to happen until later this year, when the girls were both at school full time.

But everything happens for a reason and the arrival of new challenges as well as new people in my life over the past few months has made it all the better. Crazy busy, but brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store!

Happy New Year to you all!


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