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Monday, 27 March 2017

Hanging out in London with Spider Girl

Daisy and Evie both LOVE fancy dress. To be fair, I'm quite a fan myself. When Daisy was three or four, she went through a phase of wearing dress up clothes as standard most days - and Evie seems to be going through the same phase right now. If it makes getting ready and out of the house in the morning just that little bit quicker and easier, I'm all for it, plus it's a great way to let their little personalities shine through!

Evie's outfit du jour is this Spider Girl one, which arrived a few weeks back from the lovely people at Matalan. It really does sum her up perfectly - she loves Spiderman but is still quite a girlie girl at heart and will only ever wear dresses and skirts. She loved that it came in the original Spidey colours (as opposed to pink) but had some extra sparkle, and she had lots of fun (and got lots of attention) leaping and bounding around London slinging imaginary web left, right and centre ;)

She was also pretty darn excited to be featured over on the Matalan blog along with some other cool kiddos - head on over there for dress up inspiration, or view their full range of character outfits here!

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  1. Love this, I am terrible for not letting them leave the house in fancy dress but we have so many outfits that the kids always have on, Spiderman/Girl are real faves here at the mo xx


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