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Monday, 6 March 2017

Toot toot: A New Car!

I feel like breaking into song as I write this post. "At Last" by Etta James springs to mind ;) Because YES! At long, looooonnng last, last Wednesday we finally got our new car.... and not just a car that's new to us either, an actual brand spanking new one straight from the factory!

After decades of driving second hand old bangers, I decided to buy brand new. As you know all too well, we love a road trip and cover a lot of road miles every month (our little old Vauxhall racked up almost 30,000 in the 20 months we had it) so reliability was absolutely essential. I didn't want to run the risk of encountering more problems (and expense) with another second hand car so after a lot of research I went for a KIA Picanto. I'm going to write about in more depth separately, but one of the main reasons I chose a KIA was for their brilliant 7 year warranty.

Of course, when one has a new car, one needs new accessories ;) - and as new car seat legislation* has now come into force we replaced our old boosters with two Joie Trillo Group 2/3 car seats. Although you can continue to use old style booster cushions if you have them, it's highly recommended that children travel in high backed ones, and I chose the Joie brand for the girls after a recommendation from a mum at school (I got them from Kiddie's Kingdom as they were on offer at £39.95 and next day delivery was free!).

*New backless boosters can no longer be sold for use by children that are under 125cm and weigh less than 22kg - they must be over both. All new products will be labelled with these height and weight restrictions and if you don't comply you risk a £500 fine. The RAC have all the information you need over on their website.

First car selfie
As I'm sure you can imagine, the girls think the number plate is hilarious (it's "YUK") and we've named her Yuki, which is Japanese for happiness. She definitely deserves this proper introduction, as she's an important part of the family!

I have to say, the past week has been complete heaven; I've not had to wake up early to make sure the car is going to start (we had to cancel plans / make alternative travel arrangements on so many occasions with our old car), plus the new car has HEATING! And Bluetooth! And is super economical and eco-friendly to boot.

Now we just need to plan our first road trip! I'm thinking dinner on the beach might be in order this evening.... keep your eyes peeled over on Instagram to see where we end up!


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